Ordination Prep. Studies

Ordination preparation is studies,ust if subjects free on line

River of Grace and Life, non credit religious studies, list of courses for pre ordination. Note. Specific rewuired studies are set by sponsoring IOCC bishop.

The New Testament qualities of a minister (M-2)
Our relationship with Jesus,(M-7)
Understanding Titus, introduction and overview, (NT-20)
Understandin second Corinthian (NT-2)
Faith of the Galatians(NT-9)
The faith of the Apostle John (NT-14)
Pronciples of Christianity, badics (M-19)

Characteristics of a child of God (M-7)
Undetdtandoing the faith of tbe Colossians (NT-3)
The faith of the Philippines (NT-4)
Principles of the faith in Ephesus (NT-7)
The faith in Thesolonica (NT-6)
Philemon (NT-10)
The principles of Jude explained (NT-15)
Teaching with a passion (M-14)
The mystery of worship (M-4)
Principles of Christianity, intermediate,(M-18B)
Studies in prayer and blessing(M-20)

Matthew,Mark,Luke, highlights (NT-16)
Gospel of John explained,(NT-7)
Principles of First Corinthians explained (NT-2)
Hebrews for today (NT-11)
Starting a ministry (M-1)
The mystery of Matrimony (M-15)
Understanding Holy Matrimony (M-23)
Contending for the faith Answering tough questions.(M-16)
● Christian Principles,advanced topics (M-18C)
● First century and apostolic Christianity (M-19)
● Romans, fundamentals of the faith (NT-8)
● James, Thr pure faith (NT-11)
● Acts, evangelization (NT-18)
● The grace of ordination (M-3)
● The faith, hope, love interaction (M-9)
● Understanding extreme unction. (M-24)
● Christ’s teaching and illustrations (M-8)
● Understanding righteousness, (M-10)
● Peter 1 and 2 (NT-11)
● John 1,2,and 3 (NT-14)
● Practices of a deacon. (M-6)
● Managing spiritual assets (M-12)
● Applied power and authority, the sacraments (M-21)
● Timothy 1 and 2, (Nt-19)
● The Good News,detailed (NT-16)
● Revelation revealed, (NT-17)
● Total encounter worship (M-13)
● Forgiveness of sins, (M-13)
● Body and blood of Jesus, (M- )