M-1, Starting a ministry

Starting a new ministry God’s way. Course M-1

Starting a ministry

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1)Overview of ministry
2)Called to setve

1)Understanding ministry

Ministry is every way possible yo continue the work of Jesus. At the basic level ministry is doing God’s will for a specific person, at a specific poont in time, and in acspecific place. Yet ministry can be as complex as running a large established mega church with support staff. But, most newly ordained will be challenged with starting from nothing but a hope and a vision.

In order to successfully launch a new ministry the newly ordained needs to understand the dynamics of ministry. And anove all, how God’s call relates to the practice of ministry, and how the newly ordained can comply with God’s call.

God’s call, Christ’s commmand

Christ commanded the apostles to go out into the world and make disciples and instructing them to turn from darkness to eternal life in Jesus. Ministry means spreading tge happiness and love of God to those oppressed by darkness and evil workers. Above all ministry meets people’s needs to grow spiritually and intimately encounter God.

Ministry is the continuation of the work of Jesus for each generation of Christians. For every new person is an oppotrunity to bring them into the family of God. Thus every disciple must receive and live with the Holy Spirit of God. Moreover disciples must grow into the full image of Jesus and become better, stronger,and more believing Christians.

work of the minister as priest

A minister, connects people to God and works to strengthen that bond. This work is accomplished by instructing the people how to achieve eternadl life and how Jesus and the Holy Spirit accomplishes that work.

Thus, through Jesus and with the power of the Holy Spirit, the minister as priest, Baptizes with water and the Holy Spirit. This dual baptism allows the people to both see and enter the kingdom.

Likewise, the minister/priest continues the work of Jesus by forgiving sins and delivering gifts of healing.

Above all, the minister/priest celebrates the body and blood of Jesus by feeding the people real heavenly food and drink. Furthermore providing them with the means of eternal life.

The work of the minister/priest as teacher

The minister/priest is commissioned by Christ to contine his work by call others to faith, make converts, and bring them to unshakable belief. God’s will is accomplished by planting and tending to the seeds of faith.

Thus, the priest as minister, preaches and teaches. With this in mind, people’s eyes are opened to discern spiritual things. As a resuly sight is recovered to those blinded by spiritual darkness. Thus preaching and teaching sets people free from the bonds of deception and ignorance. The chains of unbelief are broken when people know the truth. Likewise, the ropes that keep people from tge truth og God are severed by constant and consistently speaking truth. The preacher and teacher bring people to uncorrupted faith so that God can be encountered in spirit and truth.

The priest/minister as healer

Jesus brought gist of healing to the People. And we continue this work by the power of God’s Holy Spirit. For, the priest as minister gives the people the gifis and fruits of the Spirit. Thus, sthe snags and snares of evil are removed from the path of life. Likewise divine gifts of healing fills on the pits of dispare and darkness. These are some of the works of Jesus, that the priest as healer is commissioned to accomplish.

In additipn, the priest as healer brings the gift of hope as a grace from the Holy Spirit to people With out such hope. Thus the priest by the gift of discernment identifies and meets spiritual needs.Similarly to Jesus, the priest as healer, binds what needs to be bound and loosens what needs to be loosened. And thus proclaim liberty to those who were captive.

The priest as an official in the kingdom

The priest/minister washes the people clean with water and the Holy Spirit. And in like fasion, grants them forgiveness of sins, so that the can worthy feast at the wedding banquet of the lamb.

As leader

And final the priest/minister is one who turns people away from the attractions of evil. Likewise, turns people toward God. And above all leads them to entry into the kingdom.

Christ’s work includes training people in righteousness and truth
We Continue this work by giving the people real sliritual food and drink. And by protecting the people from all evil and evil workers.

Above all, we tell the people the secret of God. This, give them the means to have intimate union with Jesus and a place among those sanctified by faith.

As agent of Jesus

Priests/ministers are official agents of Jesus. Furthermore, we execute the power and authority of Jesus for the benefit of the people. For this purpose, the priest is the point of connection between Jesus and the people, and the point of access to the river of grace and life.

Accordingly, we inpart spiritual knowledge and heavenly wisdom while speaking with the voice of Jesus. in addition the priest, as agent of Jesus, is an abundant source of the Holy Spirit. Thus the means hoe new life is given to the people. Tge work of Jrsus is continued when wirds of wisdom and understanding are spoke.

The Work of the Ministrr/Priest

JESUS came to impart forgiveness and call for repentance. Thus the work of Jesus includes savings souls and providing eternal life. For this reason, the priest is empowered to administer all the power and authority of Jesus. In particular, to baptize with water and with the Spirit. This dual baptism alliws people to see and enter the kingdom. Likewise the priest continues the work of Jesus by by forgiving sins and delivering gifts of healing. Most of all, by celebratiing the body and blood of Jesus and feeding the people real heavenly food and drink.

As teacher

Christ commissioned us to call all to faith, make disciples, and instill in them unshakable faith. Thus, proclaim the good news and tell of the first century faith.

Eyes are opened to spiritual matters, and sight is recovered when they are freed from darkness. Thus the entanglement of unbelief is broken. The chains of deception are severed be the consistent speaking of truth. Knowing the truth liberates a person so that they can encounter God.

As Healer

The Holy Spirit provides the ability to deliver gifts of healing as an sgent of Jesus. The fruits and gifts of the indwelling Holy Spirit are for the removal of snares and snags of sin from the path of life. In like fasion, the priest as healer, is empowered to fill in the pits of darkness and dispare. Thus like Jesus, bringing light to the people of darkness.

In addition the priest as healer gives the hope that comes from the
Holy Spirit, and delivers that hope to people who have no such hope. Thus, the priest by whe power of discernment, identifies spiritual needs and provides grace, life, and blessings to those in need.

As official in the kingdom

The Priest is an authorized official in the kingdom of Jesus. The work of Jesus is continued by binding what needs to be bound and loosening what needs to be loosened. In like manner the people need to be washed clean with water and the Holy Spirit. Anove all granted forgivness of sins so that they can worthly feast at the wedding banquet of the lamb.

As leader

The priest as leader turns people away from the attractions of Evil. Likewise, turns people to God and onto the kingdom of Jesus. Where they can enjoy the fruits of eyernal life.

The leader leads in righteousness and in truth. And protects the disciples from evil and evil workers. In like manner the leader provides real spiritual food and drink, and gives them knowledge of the secret of God.
Furthermore, the leader provides the means to have intimate union with Jesus. Thus insuring the disciples a place among those sanctified by faith.

As agent of Jesus

The priest is the agent of God Our Fathet for the continuation of the work of Jesus. In order to do as Jesus did, God grants the necessary power and authority. Thus, the priest as agent of Jesus delivers grace and blessings to the people. For this purpose, you the priest, speak withe the voice of Jesus, and imparts forgiveness and repentance in the name of Jesus. Anove all delivers the secret of Hod to the people.

It is God’s will that the people receive new life, have a new beginning. Furthermore, enter into a new and intomate relationship with Jesus. Thus, you are the agent that delivers wisdom, understanding, and everything necessary for eternal life.

The priest of Jesus

The minister is a priest of Jesus. To this end, saves souls, brings people to faith, protects the body of Christ from attacks, and vanquishes the devil and evil workers. Moreover connects the members of Christ’s body to the Head of the body, Jesus. In addition, administers the power and authority of Jesus and provides the real presence of Jesus to the people.

Similarly to the work of Jesus, the priest, teaches the people how to achieve eternal life. And explains how both the Holy Spirit and Jesus work to achieve that end. In addition, the priest baptizes with water and spirit, forgives sins, delivers healing, and feeds the people with real heavenly food and drink.

Accomplishing the work of Jesus

Jesus spoke to the people with fire, passion, and conviction anout the spiritual things of heaven. Thus you as priest and agent of Jesus, speak boldly, clearly and with the fire and passion of the Holy Spirit of God. Your work delivers the means to develop spiritual understanding and deep faith.

The people can understand the mysteries of the kingdom. The work of Jesus, is accomplished by a clear, understandable and relevant message is delivered to the people. Thus, there is much that needs to be said. For that reason study and prepare as a good steward and agent of Jesus.

Divine Studies

The river of grace and life provides a comprehensive study of the New Testament. Relevamt and spiritually important matters are clearly stated. All unclear and obsolete phrases have been augmented with modern, understandable and meaningful terms. Thus the priest can deliver chadptet and verse bible studies with ease.

The divine studies also includes pre written topical homilies and sermons suitable for in service use. And above all, the New Testament contains many hundreds of “sound bites” and key phrases that can be used to craft a need specific sermon.

Called to serve

All disciples share to some degree the responsibility to be servants of Jesus. You have the prime responsibility as overseer of the body of christ. For this purpose, God has chosen you as the prime agent to contine the work of Jesus.

God has given you the privilege of being able to call people to faith, and to speak whe words of faith. So that people can be guided them to eternal life.

Thus, God empowers his chief servants, with the duty to administer the full power and authority of Jesus. So that people can be brought out of darkness, free of the chains of false teachings. Fir God wants the people to have good spiritual hearing and un incumbered spiritual sight.

Not everyone in your sphere of influence is part of the body of Christ. Thus you as overseer of the body must minister to those who need Christ.

Therefore, even if your church group is large, small, or just starting, most of your neighbors do not attend church. Consequently, the majority do not have a intimate and growing relationship with Jesus. Thus, there are many opportunities to expand participation in the true body of Christ.

Sharing the fire

Continual effort is critical to continuing the work pf Jesus. For it take continual effort to make a spark as a result, the spark can get a raging fire going. The overseer starts the spark, and then shares that spark of faith to the people around them.

God has given the priest/minister the fire of faith. Let that fire grow. For, God has opened the New Testament to you. So that you have a profound understanding of Christ’s teachings and the first century practices of the faithful.

Spread the faith

God gives the grace and the fire of passion to meet the needs of the people. Without the fire of the Holy Spirit people will be trapped in darkness. The fire of faith is an illuminatipng force. Therefore, your duty is to share the fire and help others grow into the full immage of Jesus. That fire of faith is spread by instructing the people in the correct truths of the faith.

To this end, God has given the priest as the orical of God. the very mind of Christ. As a result, the priest speaks heavenly truths, counsels the doubtful, and refutes the deceptions and half truths common to many christian denominations. Eternal life requires true faith and correct practices. For every deception keeps people from the truth. Thus, the secret of God remains hidden.

The mandate

Th ordained are commissioned to continue the work of Jesus. In like manner are no longer their own property. They have neen marked by God as his property and his instrument, for the spiritual benefit of the people.

God instills a sense of absolute surrender which casts out all self pride, arrogance, and rebellion. For those who live the will of God are like angelic servants of the most high God. The will of man is replaced by the will of God. Then the work of Jesus is performed in all humility. A contrite and humble heart is full of the power and might of God’s Holy Spirit.

Executing the mandate

Then, the priest is capable of looking deeply into the hearts of the people and seeing their needs. As a result, the priest can preach, teach, and instruct the people in such a way as to increase and strengthen faith. When this is done, they have a clear consciences, an absolute sense of what is true, and a complete oneness with God. Because there is no room fir doubt, equivication or half truths.

Thus, the mandate compels the ordained to be sincere in all things and have a clear vision of God,s will. The the ordained can speak the truth of Christ Jesus, tell of the secret of God, and lead the way to eternal life.

Source of illumination

The Holy Spirit gives utterance (verbalization) in the form of tongues and ordinary speach. Compelled speach happens when the heart overflows withe the indwelling Holy Spirit. Naimly, when the priest’s heart is full of divine inderstanding, knowledge, and wisdom. This is particularly true because a person can not give what they do not have.

Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit and Jesus spoke of heavenly things. Similarly, God fills the priest with the Holy Spirit for them to speak of heavenly things. Thus the priest can see God in all things, know the will of God for all things, and speak God,s will to the people. The work of Jesus is to bring people closer to God.

Likewise, the priest can see with the eyes of the lamb, and raise up holy hands to God and bless the people. Then the people can encounter God and do God’s will here on earth as it is done in heaven.

The light of God’s presence illuminates the people to maintain a pure heart for a sinner can not please God.

Live in the light

In the light of God’s presence gives joy, happiness, and blessings. Above all living in accordance with the way of Jesus, leads to eternal life. Righteousness and virtue count. The disciple manifests a profound sense of compliance, completeness and satisfaction that ultimately resulys in intimate union with Jesus.

The light of God’s presence produces a simplicity of soul which moves people to be attracted to the light and away from darkness. Consequently, God’s presence cause an intense longing for God.

The divine mandate

Stewards of the kingdom, volumtarily become the front line ministet of Jesus. Thus, God has chosen you to continue the work of Jusus. For you then must remain disciplined and focused, holy and spotless, and live in truth and sincerity free of worldly entanglements. Then you are able to seek the best interests of others and administer the mysteries of the kingdom above all you can deliver the secret of God to the people.

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