WEDDING services

The wedding ministers of River of Grace and Life,officiates and conducts weddings at your venue and location in the greater Loganville, Ga. area. 

Rev. Harry Teeter is an ordained minister (IOCC) and lead pastor of the River of Grace anf life, a church without walls, borders, or limits. Rev. Harry has conducts weddings for 20+ years.  Pre wedding instructions and counseling are available.

Weddings can be as simple as the law and tradition allow or as moving, meaningful, and memorable as the couple wishes. Although the ceremony must contain the required words and form, beyond that the wedding can be customized to the couples needs, desires, and wishes. Expect God’s grace to flow and give you one mind, one heart, ove spirit and one flesh. That is the mystery of matrimony.


Prior to the service, the couple meets with the minister and discusses the order of the service, important names, witnesses, attire, and other specific of the wedding. The couple will receive the instruction book ” Living the Mystery of Matrimony.”A guide to a long, productive and happy post wedding life. A rehersal is desirable.


1) The gathering is addressed. The service is briefly explained and key points noted./p>

2) The mother presents the man to be married. The mother and the man to be married are blessed.

3) the bride and father process to the wedding with music playing.

4) The bride is presented and the bride to be and father are blessed.

5) the man and woman are questioned and blessed.

6) the man and woman are blessed as a couple.

7)the rings are presented and blessed.

8) Vows are exchanged

9) The kiss of love is given and received.

10) the final nuptial blessing is given.

11) The couple is presented.


>b>The two witnesses execute the marriage license and the minister delivers the license to the proper authorities.

Per school children are blessed and greeted. Likewise the elderly are blessed and prayed over.

The minister can say the before meal blessing and if requester can act as the MC for the post wedding celebrations.


Renewal of vows ceremonies and simple elopement ceremonies are available.

The grace and blessing of God can not be bought or sold. God’s live flows freely. It is desirable that the minister be offered a stipend for the work of the ministry. Out ministers draw no salary. And all income is dedicated to cover the cost of the ministry.