Free online New Testament Divine Studies for life enrichment & ministry.

Divine Studies

Welcome to the Divine Studies programs of the river of grace and life church, where life changing encounters with God are experienced through powerful, free, online divinely inspired studies.
You are anout to begin your studies as an empowered servant of Jesus, educated for performance, and perfected in the First Century Faith. Divine studies is a state of the art, delivery of God’s grace of wisdom and understanding of the first century faith, free of doctrinal bias and irrelevant modern traditions.

The pure faith explained

There is no substitute for pure first century biblical, new testament faith. Seek and you will find the best that divine studies can offer. Avoid being stuck with traditional denominational studies, that hide and ignore contradictions to their belief. Divine studies makes everything necessary for salvation and instruction clear, understandable, and straight from the pages of the new testament. Check out one of our Divine Studies programs:-

Divine Studies program

Pre Ordination Studies.
Continuing Education.
Indepth New Testament Studies
Living the First Century Faith Studies.
Sermons, a call for teachings.

Pre Ordinatipn Study Program>/b>

Success starts with a deep understanding of the New Testament scripture, and your place in continuing the work of Jesus. Invest in your future. Take advantage life enrichment studies prepared especially for those who can not attend a conventional multi year seminary program. For that reason, the divine studies are results drive, distilled, and focused on quality and comprehension. So that the best practical training in first century New Testament faith is delivered free. You are about to join an elite team of first century faith scholars, masters of the Christian way of life according to Jesus.

Divine studies for Ordination

Overview of ordination :-
M-1,Starting a ministry and
m-3, Grace of ordination.
and likewise M-13 Total Encounter Worship,
M-16, Body and Blood of Christ, and
M-23 Power and Authority from Jesus.

Other studies available upon request

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Continuing Education Studies

God’s gifts of grace of understanding and wisdom do not stop at ordination but continuously flow as needed. Neither are those graces available only to the ordained alone. Consequently. God’s grace flows to all who ask and are available to all believers. With this in mind, Join us in studies and grow onto the full immage of Jesus.

Divine studies continuing education program offers unique insights into every aspect of christian life. Equally important, the stident will master, the entire New Testament, and important biblical concept like the body and blood of Christ, the secret of God, and the workings of the Holy Spirit of God. Thus, accordingly, the wisdom of Jesus and the First Century Faith are refined into practical, applicable, and concise Christian concepts, sermons, and teachings.

The disciple seeking Christian life enrichment will reveive a power boost from the divine studies. Consequently, the student will become emboldened to speak with the voice of Jesus. And, the student will act as an orical of God, and a herald of the Holy Spirit.

Continuing Education Studies

M-12, Managing spiritual assets.

in addition, other studies are available on request

M-5 the inspired sermon,
M-6, Support ministers, and
M-8, Christ’s teachings and illustrations.

of interest in ministering

In the same way the student can master,
M-9, the interplay of faith, hope and love.
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Indepth New Testament Studies

Divine studies program opens the way to a deeper understanding of First Century Christian Faith as detailed in the New Testament. In addition, scripture is presented as if the original writers were speaking directly to the disciple in modern conversatipnal English. Accordingly, the divine studies is rephrased for clarity, reinforced to strengthen meaning, and logically grouped to increase retention. Furthermore, the divine studies is presented in an easy verse by verse, chapter by chapter home study format. Thus, important points are highlighted and explained.
Stidies in order of importance are:-
NT-20, Understanding Titus and leadership.
NT-1,The First Century Faith, Corinthoans.

Other topics available upon request.

NT-3, Faith of the Colossians,
NT-4, The faith of the Philippians, and NT-5 Christianity of the Thessalonians.
On addition,NT-6, the first century practices of the Ephesians, and more to come.

Living the first century faith

Divine studies examines the life changing New Testament principles. In addition, the keys to sucessful Christian living are found in:-
M-18, Christian principles, NT-16, three views of the Good News, M-25, pleasing God according to Sirach, and M-10 Honoring God by Righteousness.

Additional living according to the first century faith studies are available by request.

M-2, First Century qualities of a person of faith, and M-7, Relationship with Jesus.
And, for the advanced student, the seven sacraments, power and authority from Jesus, M-21, forgiveness of sins, M-22, understanding baptisms, and M-24, intercession and extreme unction.

Faith must be lived and put into action if it is to be alive, complete, and productive. Therefore, Divine Studies empowers disciples to exercise God’s good gifts of grace for all stages of life from birth to death. Thus, the student can be trained in all seven powers and authority commonly called the Seven Sacraments.

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Call for sermons

Divine studies is collecting and web publishing topical and liturgical sermons, homilies, and papers. With this results in mind, qualified ministers can submitnon copyrighted manuscripts for review editing, and inclusion on this website. Above all, authorship citation can be included if requested. Hence, all work will be edited for web page presentation best practices.

For this purpose, submit hard copy to Rev. Harry Teeter, web master. 795 Hunters Lane, Loganville, Ga 30052. AND, remember to include Email address and other contact information.
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Above all else, may God bless you with the wisdom, knowledge and understandong of the Holy Spirit of God. AMEN