M-3, Grace of ordination

Ordination grace, God gift for ministry and oversight

Called, the grace of ordination

Take a giant step and do something extraorfinary. Answer the call of God.
And accordingly, be all that God intended you to be.

Respond to the call if you feel a need for a closer relationship with God. Fix that problem and prepare for an intimate relationship with Jesus, and a greater empowerment by God’s Holy Spirit. Seriously consider God’s call. Although you have bern told that the married are not religious enough to be ordained. Do not be fooled any longer. The grace of ordination flows freely to all as it did in the first century. Andwer the call and join us for pre ordination studies.

Respond to the call

God is calling you, when you realize that an intimate relationship with Jesus is important. Consequently, God’s call is confirmed when you sense a need to have an abundance of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Although you may have been a member of a specific denomination, this is no impediment. All that is necessary is a willingness to study the first century faith. Anove all, God does not place constraints on those willing to grow into the full immage of Jesus.

The call of God is manifest is the realization that some denominations lack power and authority. If you are disillusioned by differences between their teachings and the first century faith.

Experience what you are missing.

Answer the call and join in the Divine Studies program. Experience the power and oresence of the almighty and loving God. Experience the wisdom and inspiration of God’s Holy Spirit. Moreover, experience the joy of serving Jesus as a leader in the body of Christ.

Take the first step to become a minister of righteousness and continue the work of Jesus. Even though, you may have studied ministry, and left the ministry, God can restore you. With this in mind, God can give a renewed mind of Christ, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Come join in our studies. Prepare to do God’s work as an ordained minister in the independent old catholic church. Experience, the first century power and authority of the apostles. God is calling.

Experience the full and complete truth

Above all, answer the call as you notice differences between the New Testament and what you have been taught. For tjis end, Study and know the full truth. The Holy Spirit will guide you in all truth in yiur Dibine Studies. In addition the Spirit will give you wisdom and utterance to speak the truth to others.
Furthermore, make a difference, if you see people in need of God’s love and answer God’s call. Give the people the full gifts of God’s grace. Feed the people real heavenly food and drink. Teach them the secret of God and how to stay united with Jesus. With this in mind, respond to the call of God.

Become a ministet of truth

It is no secret, meaningless prayers, rituals, and practices do not give salvation or eternal life. The people must have the full first century simple truth. That is the uncorrupted faith free of deceptions, false teachings, corrupt interpretations and fake mystical decrees. Study to become a champion of God’s word. So that people can live free of centuries of msn made rules, regulations and church laws. Sich did not exist in the first century and are not of God.

In Jesus there is freedom, peace, and intimate union with God. Prepare to be the man of God that God wants you to become. Begin to grow onto the full immage of Jesus. Please God and answer the call.

There are so many who are apart from God’s love. They cound experience the happiness and blessings of an intimate union with Jesus. Above all they would benefit from the secret of God and the indwelling Holy Spirit. Theirvreward would then be salvation and eternal life.

Grace of Ordination perfects the inperfect

The Divine Studies unleashes the fire and passion of the Holy Spirit. The teachings are simple biblical truth, free of denominationsl bias and mystical additions. In addition, be flooded with knowledge from heaven and inspiration directly from the Holy Spirit. The grace of ordinatipn is that powerful.

On addition, the grace of ordination can overcome any lack or deficency. if you have some training but not taken thr final steps, the divine studies can complete your preparation.

Even though for some reason you no longer serve but wish to reinvigorate your commitment to the ministur as a servant of Jesus, answer the call. Jesus wants faithful skilled and perfected servants who are willing to continue the work of God.

Prepare to serve as a first century priest and minister to the needs of the body of Christ. God’s grace of ordination can restore you and give you renewed power and authority. The Divine pre ordination studies can empower you, transform you, and perfect you. Be prepared to chang, grow and become a servant of Jesus, an oracle of God, and a herald of God’s Holy Spirit. Answer the call and see what yiu have been missing.

Ordination Graces

Ordination as a part of the Sacrament of Holy Orders, is the point where the specific graces of ministry and oversight begin to flow to the newly ordained. God gives grace, blessings and powers to whom,God, choses, calls and empowers. So that the ordained can become the front line shepherd of souls, and the chief defense against darkness.

The ordained administers the love of God and provides pastoral care, spiritual instruction, and sacramental grace. The overseer is the chief agent for the administering of the power and authority of Jesus, to the people for their benefit. For this purpose, the ordained recieve the special grace to be able to speak with the voice of Jesus. Also the Holy Spirit gives the wisdom of insight into the meaning and relevance of the New Testament. And above all, all the power and authority necessary to continue all the work of Jesus.

God’s grace of ordination, continues the work of Jesus

Yes!, ordination is a big step with big responsibilities. But, with God all things are posdible. The power of God can overshaddow human weakness. God coorperates with the humble, meek and willing but resists the proud, arrogant and rebellious. For this purpose, Jesus gave seven specific powers to the disciples by which they can continue his work.

The work of Jesus must continue, as each new generation needs God’s love and care. The world is not full and time has not ended. Above all, it is not God’s will that each new person be lost to darkness. Thus, Jesus provided a way to continue his wurk, until the end of time.

Grace is given and passed on

After Christ’s death and before his ascension, Jesus gave all power and authority to the disciples. Specifically, so that nothing could prevent them from bringing souls into intimate union with Jesus.

To this end, power and authority is transferred from generation to generation by Holt Orders ordination. God wants profitable and productive servants and stewards. This is why the specific graces of ordination is given to pious and holy men and women.

Submission to the will of God

Submission to God our Father as necessary for ordination, starts with a thirst and hunger for the New Testament. Scripture reading makes the will and ways if God perfectly clear. Chapter and berse fragments coalesse into a single clear picture of God’s will in action. The writings begin to speak and say volumes. The power and presence of the Holy Spirit is made known. Be prepared to encounter God in the New Testament and be changed. For the secret of God is manifest by reading the New Testament.

As a result, the ordained becomes filled with divine understanding and wisdom. God’s love fills the heart, mind, any soul. Consequently, the ordained speak of the glory, majesty and power of God. With this in mind, the ordained can speak of the mysteries of the kingdom, and he inderstood by the believer. Ordinatipn provides every form of grace, as necessary for salvation.

Power in submission

The grace and power of ordination begins as a hunger and thirst for the truths contained in the New Testament. As a student studies the will and power of God becomes clearer. Fragments of chapter and verse coalesce into a single clear understandong of God’s will. The writings speak of the power and presence of God’s Holy Spirit. Moreover, how the Spitit prepares the disciple for ontimate union with Jesus. Therefor, expect to be enlightened, changed and transformed as the secret of God is made manifest.

As a result, the newly ordained will become filled with an abundance of divine knowledge, understanding and wisdom. The love and power of God floods the heart, mind, and spirit of the student. Ulitmately leading to an overflow of holiness which is spoken to the people.

Ordination gives the grace to speak with the voice of Jesus as an oracle of God. Thus, the members of the body are instructed in the mysteries of the kingdom. Ordinatipn provides every form of grace necessary for perfection of service and growth into the full immage of Jesus.

True and godly ordonation makes the timid bold. Also, the inarticulate become powerful preachers. Furthermore,the weak become powerful sources of grace and blesding.

God’s grace is stronger than the weaknesses of men. Nothing can stand in the way of God, for God amplifies human effort, cooperation, and willingness. Above all each ordaoned has a unique position in God’s plan of salvation, as each person does what only they can do. With this in mind, when the minister speaks the words of God, faith comes to those who hear.

What is not true godly ordination

Many denominatipns practice a form of ordination but disown the power. They consider ordination a church rite of passage and acknowledgement of achievement and proficiency. They can not give what they do mot have. For true and godly ordonation is a transfer of an abundance of God’s Holy Spirit to the newly ordained.

Ordination and Holy Orders is first a contract between God and the ordained to serve the Body of Christ. This requires performance, competence, and purity from the ordained. God responds with grace, power, and the compulsion to continue the work of Jesus. God generously gives these things to the meek, humble, and contrite as they work for God.

Holy Orders Ordination

God’s grace flows to tge ordaoned by the omposing of hands which connects God to the ordained. Thus God participates in the ordination provess and generously gives an abundance of the Holy Spirit to the newly ordained.

Above all, the connection with God is opened and remains opened by continued faith and service. Thus, true ordination is a mystical act where God grants specific graces for the work of the ministry.

God’s gifts include the anility to see spiritual things through the seven eyes of the Lamb. This is beyond ordinary vision and perception. Likewise, the ordained controls the Lamb’s seven horns which defend the people from attacks of darkness. And especially, the authority to command angels, cast out demons, and do other works of power and authority. For This end, God gives an abundance of the Spirit who provides various fruits and gifts fitting for service.

Ordinatipn not to be taken lightly

God’s gifts of ordination graces is given to the meek, humble, and submissive to serve God willingly and faithfully. Godly ordination is a commitment to remain pure, sinless and holy. Above all to remain intimately united with Jesus, and in one mind and spirit with The Father.

For this purpise, the ordained commits the rest of their life to the service of God. The servant of God is set separate and marked with a mark that can not be erased or removed. Thus, there is a severe penalty for poor performance. Refer to the parable of the talents for details.

In spite of man’s efforts grace can not be granted or hypothicated against God’s will. And this is especially true when there is bad intent, deception, reservation,or lack of faith. God knows what is in the heart of the candidate. Men may not be able to see the future but God knows what will unfold. God does not fill a sinner who is full of evil with an abundance of the Holy Spirit. Nor does god give all power and authority to the wicked. Such are self cursed as ministers of darkness and wolves in sheeps clothing. No sinner can please God.

Choose yo succeed

Not everyone is called by God to serve the needs of the body of Christ. But, those called must commit to being the best possible sucessful minister. Failure is not an option. Accordingly, the cost of deliberate failure is eyernal punishment. MAY THE GRACE OF GOD, THE BLESSINGS OF JESUS, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT’S GUIDANCE HELP YOU MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE.

The paths to ordination

The normal and ordinary path to ordination is by application to a seminary for a structured education. For registration and fast track studies see www.independentoldcatholicchurch.org.Contact rev.George H. W. LeMesurier, archbishop, at P. O. Box 23175 Ottawa Cansda K2A 4E2. Similarly toll free from the USA 1-866-878-2290. P. S. All divine studies at riverofgraceandlife.com are included without application or registration.

Divine studies program

The divine studies program is provided for continued professional development and christian life enrichment. Similarly as an independent studies “reading for orders” pre ordination self paced studies.

The program is a comprehensive practical, pre ministry program of guidance and spiritual development. The program is geared toward the non degree seeking student who wants a intensive First Century New Testament education. Study guides and workbooks are available for a nominal fee. Contacr Rev. Harry at 795 Hunters Lane, Liganville Georgia 30052, text message to phone 404-576-9145.

Study to show your self approved

Awaken the Spirit within you and see the fullness of the kingdom. Divine Stidies is God’s grace and wisdom, free of denominatipnal bias, false teachins or corrupt later traditions.
Thes studies are the bulwark against deceptions, incomplete understanding, and hidden falsehoods. The inspiration and wisdom of the Holy Spirit frees believers from the bonds of darkness. Be ready to experience new heights of spirituality and service.

Divine Studies, a pre ordination program, points the student to piety and holines as necessary for ordination. The program emphasizes New Testament undetstanding and first century holiness. Thus the student will understand the first century faith, the secret of God and the way to intimately unite with Jesus. In the end the student will think, act, believe and live as a first century Christian. This transformation is part of the grace of true ordination. AMEN.