Understand grace as a 1st century Corinthian

The Faith of the Corinthians

1)Grace in the 1st century.
2)Eternal life in Corinth
3)Love as a 1st century believer
4)Faith of the early church.
5)Wisdom from God.

student instructions

This significant work identifies the will of Jesus and the beliefs of the first century church in Corinth. First and second Corinthians explains the meaning behind current faith, grace, and other practices.


This study teaches a method of relaying additional meaning and relevancy of the first century faith of the Corinthians so tha members can understand, take to heart, and live according to the intent of God’s Holy Spirit.

The Method

Corinthians as rephrased can be used as part of a stand alone bible study program. For example, the original verse is presented and archaic phrases and obscure meanings clarified, then the rephrased verse is compared to the original. Key concepts clarified and the improvements of personalization and simplification of obscure meaning highlighted. Toggling between the original text and the rephrased verses, opens a window of understanding to the meaning and relevance of the Holy Spirit’s
Work as found in the original writings.
In addition, Corinthians rephrased, can be part of prelude, scripture study of the main total encounter worship service (Total encounter mass). As a result people will not only encounter God durong the Mass, but also receive vital instructions in the first century faith.
Lastly, The same rephrased and amplified scriptures can be incorporated into a homily/sermon of a traditional mass.

Student guidance

Read the entire Corinthians study workbook befor reading the rephrased text below. By doing so the student will be better prepared to understand, and appreciate the content of the rephrased text.

God’s Plan of Grace

First Corinthians chapters 1 to 6
Grace is any God given, unmerited, and un rearned gift, benrfit, or blessing.

Verse 1-1Grace is part of God’s plan for us to continue the work of Jesus. We are apostles and spokes persons for Jesus. Grace is necessary for the performance of our duties. A person can not do without grace.

Verse 1-2.God’s empowerment of grace is for our intimate union with Jesus. To this end, God calls us to be saints, and to be sanctified and made holy in Christ Jesus.

Grace is Benificial

Verse 1-3 God’s love and care are shown by grace. This free gift helps a disciple succeed. The gift of grace is abundantly given to those who ask.

Verse 1:4 Anove all grace helps us accomplish our salvation.
For this purpose, it is God’s will that we accept God’s offer of grace.

Verse1:5God gives good gifts of grace. Thus, we are enriched in every way. Hence, enriched in utterance, knowledge, and many other ways. Grace also gives firmness, dedication, and readiness for action.

Grace is God’s plan in action

Verse 1:6,Grace flows through the Holy Spirit. The Spirit strengthens our faith.

Verse 1:7, Accordingly. We have been given the power and authority to have faith in all matters. In Jesus and through the Holy Spirit, we lack no grace, power or authority.

Verse 1:8,-Grace is God’s plan to protect and perfect us in Jesus. Thus we are secure into the day of Judgement and As a result, we are unshakable and blameless of any infraction.

Verse, 1:9 It is God’s plan that we have fellowship with Jesus. God calls, we respond, and the Holy Spirit insures that relationship.

Verse 1:10 As a result, we experience unity of faith as the one body of Jesus. Through, unity of faith, we act, think, and believe as one entity. Consequently, we are perfectly united with Jesus in one mind and with one judgement. We have one source of truth so that every opinion is carefully evaluated. Unity of faith rejects everything that does not originate with Jesus.

Verse 1:11, Grace keeps us connected to the mind of Christ. Thus, we are continually reminded of God’s will. Therefore, it is easy to know what should be done and avoid anything that is contrary to God’s will.

Verse 1:12,Christ’s body is one. Hence, every true believer belongs to God and has come to God through Jesus. Anove all, this happens because we are in Jesus. As a result, there is no distinction between true believers, if we maintain an intimate relationship with Jesus.

God’s grace is so great that God’s glory overshadows minor differences. We therefore have one faith in Jesus and are sanctified by the one and same Holy Spirit of God. The Body is one. This is the belief of the first century Corinthians.

Cost of separation from the body.

Verse 1:13, Evil workers try to cut the Body apart. Some out if pride and self importance, teach denominational differences. When in fact, they cut and separate members inoto little false kingdoms of darkness. Consequently, those who are severed from Christ the head of the body, have undone the effects of baptism and destroyed the unity that baptism provides.

Verse 1:14, Those who have separated them selves form grace have lost connection with Jesus. A branch cut off from the vine withers and dies. Being a member of a false kingdom is believing a man made deception.

Deceivers make real truth un clear, and unintelligible. Such arrogant and rebellious people make up their own facts to fit their version of truth. In fact they even discount the teachings of Christ. Such are dead in their sins.

Faith and Grace

Verse 1:15, Faith is the grace that initiates our salvation. True and strong faith comes from hearing the Good News. And moreover, faith blossoms into belief and belief leads to performance of God’s will.

Verse 1:16, Faith compels baptism. Moreover, baptism is not an initiation rite of a particular denomination but a response of faith to be baptized both with water and with the Holy Spirit. Complete baptism makes a person acceptable to God.

Water baptism opens the eyes of the mind so that a person can see the kingdom. Baptism with the Holy Spirit, allows entry into the kingdom. No one should be denied entry into the kingdom, even the littlest child. God’s grace is that strong, determined, and effective that even a veey little faith without any doubt is sufficent.

The Grace of Faith

Verse 1:17,Faith begins our relationship with God, as we hear God’s call spoken in simple easy to understnd words. Faith responds by producing commitment, and performance.

Verse 1:18, Christ’s sacrifice opened the way to God’s Holy Spirit. To ignore the value of Christ’s sacrifive is to ignore the gift of the Holy Spirit. Most important, the Holy Spirit allows us the be borne again, as adopted children of a loving and tender God.

Christ’s sacrifice is foolishness to those who are perishing. But to us who are redeemed, saved and safely in Jesus, it is the work of the power and authority of God. The grace of faith is feeely and abindantly available to all. But not all chose to receive grace.

God’s Plan

Veres 1:19, Grace is God’s ultimate wisdom on action. Accordingly, God gives the wisdom to understand spiritual things, which produce prudence, effectiveness, and performance. And for that reason we have been abundantly given grace.
As a result, the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit provide us with the specific graces to prudently and effectively practice our faith.

Complete Lesson 1, in the Corinthians workbook.

Study Period #2

The Grace to Believe

Verse 1:20, The deceived
have overly inflated egos and large amounts of self pride. Such, readily make for confusion. In particular, they add complexity to the simple. Like wise, they worship every new wind of thought and every whisper of new “truth”. In the end, their thoughts are proven wrong, and their self proclaimed ” new truths” erode away into nothing.

Deceivers argue over everything and they live to dispute and question. Such are like cyclone winds that blow fiercely in one direction then reverse and blow in the opposite direction.

Godly Wisdom

Verse 1:21, Grace believes what should be believed. The deceived reject God and God’s grace. As a result, they reject the very thing that could save them.

Verse 1:22,Faith is the grace to believe. The Jews, God’s chosen people failed to believe, because they demanded a sign from God. Yet, they cound not see thay the law and the prophets were passing away and a new and better relationship with God was being made available on, by, and through Jesus. Grace is the foundation of the faith of the Corinthians.

The Holy Spirit gives the grace of faith

Verse 1:23, Grace activates the hearing and the understanding of the Good News. Without grace, the simple message of Jesus crucified is lost to those seeking a sign from God. Similarly, those seeking earthly things can not grasp things which can not be understood by earthly minds. In spite of these limitations, God who is spirit can be understood by spiritual means. It takes grace to power a spiritual mind.

Verse 1:24,The Holy Spirit gives grace. As a result, we have powerful spiritual way to comprehend God and understand the Kingdom. Specifically, tge Soirit gives the knowledge of how to see and enter the kingdom. Also, the wisdom how to remain in the kingdom. And the understanding how to prosper in God’s kingdom. Above all, the Spirit gives the grace to unite with Jesus. Because, Jesus is both the power of God and the wisdom of God.

Verse 1:25,Grace is better than anything the world can offer. The world views the grace of God as foolishness. Since, the world understands only earthly things that they can touch, see and hear. And they can neither touch, see, or hear grace.

God is wiser than the world’s wisdom. Because the world knows only a little part of what God knows. Therefore, God,s grace is wiser than the world’s wisdom.

Grace of God’s Presence

Verse 1:26,God’s presence is shown in many ways. The presence of God can be observed: in our speech, in our actipns, in our hope, and in our faith as lived out in love by God’s grace.

Verse 1:27,Grace makes every thing better. God chose somple things to confound the wisdom of the world. Unbelievers can not begin to understand how an all powerful God, can give his own will to become flesh, suffer, and become a sacrifice for our benefit. Above all, this shows how kind, loving,and caring God really is.

For that end, the Holy Spirit is given for our happiness and for us to have eternal life. God uses ordinary things for extraordinary uses. God delivers grace through bread and wine, in the same way, water and oil. An equally important means of grace are the imposing of hands in ordinatipn and the words of forgiveness and absolution.

Verse 1:28, Ordinary things are used to accomplish spiritual works. God empowers common things with heavenly power. But unbelievers are blind to spiritual matters.

The Grace of Relationship

Verse 1:29,Our relatipnship with God has unseen benefits. Specifically this was done so that no flesh could glory of their own works. In contrast those who can see and enter the kingdom can glory in God’s presence.

Verse 1:30, The Holy Spirit gives grace fir us to become united at with Christ. Because, the Holy Spirit gives, wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption in, by, and through Christ Jesus.

The Blessings of Grace

Verse 1:31, By grace we are united to the body of Jesus. Grace makes us acceptable to God. Thus, we can give glory to God in all things.
Everyone has the potential to receive grace and believe. As a result, faith is the wellspring of grace flowing from the throne of God. And most important, by grace we have been made pure, holy, and acceptable to God.

End of study #2,complete lesson #2, in the Corinthians work book.

Study period 3

Grace and The Good News

Verse 2:1 The message of the Good News, does not consist of tricky oratory, nor convoluted and twisted double talk of pretended wisdom. Likewise, it is mot cute little stories nor meaningless conversation. On the contrary, the Good News, is the simple deceleration of God’s power and authority spoken with the voice of Jesus. Therefore we speak anout Jesus, God the Father, the Holy Spirit and our intimate relationship with Jesus.

Verse 2:2, God can do what God wants to do. God who created nature does not have to follow “the rules of nature”. Similarly, The maker of mankind, need not follow the ways and desires of men.

The grace of God can acpmplish what people deem illogical and imprudent. God, who separated Adam from eternal life, can provide a way for man to be reunited with God and have eternal life. The old covenant of sin and animal sacrifice is replaced with a new covenant of grace and love.

The New Way of Grace

Verse 2:3 The Good News tells about grace, power and authority. Grace is give because of Christ’s sacrifice. With grace we have truth, humility, fortitude, and piety. And moreover, an awareness of power and authority given through Jesus. thus, we approach God with reverance and honor as we wait for the good things to come.

Verse 2;4, The Good News is spoken without enticing words, hell fire and brimstone threats ,or even traditions based on man’s wisdom. We speak of God’s power and demonstrate the Holy Spirit’s grace.

Verse 2:5,God’s grace resists the changing wisdom of men. Grace stands firm in the power of God. Above all, not on the quick sand of men’s wisdom. Earthly wisdom shifts, changes, and forgets what is really true. Godly grace is constant, focused, and alingen with the trith. It is the guidance of the indwelling Holy Spirit of God.

Grace provides wisdom

Verse 2:7,.Grace is revealed to us. The Holy Spirit confirms the mystery that was hidden from mankind, until the time if Jesus. We now know the fill extent of God’s love. For God continues to give us his son, Jesus, so that we can have eternal life. We are now the beneficiaries of that mystery. God gives the grace to be intimatedly united with Jesus in Holy Communion. This is the faith of the first century Corinthians.

Grace is The free gift given to us

Verse 2:8, God’s grace was hidden until Jesus came. The grace of salvation came to us by, in, and through Jesus. The temple priests of old did not know about grace. Had they known, they would have been wise to salvationa and not wanted to kill Jesus.

Verse 2:9, Grace can be encountered, seen, and felt. God’s grace is spiritual and discerned by the Holy Spirit. People who lack God’s Spirit are blind to the things of God and deaf to the voice of Jesus. Accordingly their hearts are stone, and unable to encounter the warmth and love of God.

Guidance of the Holy Spirit

Verse 2:10, God’s Holy Spirit is a source of grace. We have the grace of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding because God’s Holy Spirit searches all things, and knows all things, even the deepest things of God. The spirit gives the wisdom to receive and use Christ’s power and authority. This is tge grace of tge presence of God’s Holy Spirit.

Verse2:11, The world is ignorant of the Holy Spirit. And moreover, thr world refuses to encounter God’s Spirit. Fortunately, we have the indwelling Holy Spirit, to guide us in all thuth and keep us from darkness, deception, and evil traps.

Verse 2:12, The Spirit gives gifts the world can not receive. The world gives doubt, fear, and contradictions. The Spirit gives: certanty, life, and hope. Thus we have abundant access to every good gift of grace that God freely gives to his adopted children.

Verse 2:13,The flow of grace comes by way of the Holy Spirit. Grace flows from the throne of God, and is freely given through the Holy Spirit.

Our Indwelling Instructor

Verse 2:14, The Spirit is a good instructor of the benefits of the mysteries of God and God’s will. The natural person can not understand the things of God’s Spirit.
The Holy Spirit provides various fruits of ths Spirit for our instruction and protection. The Spirit gives valuable gifts which are sources of light and understanding. Thus we can develop the mind of Jesus.

Mind of Jesus, Grace from the Holy Spirit

Verse 2:15, The Holy Spirit gives the ability to have the mind of Christ. Truly, we receive the grace to spitiyually discern between good and evil. In other words, to hold fast to truth and flee from deceit. Above all, discern righteousness from all forms of wickedness. Discernment is powerful gift of grace.

Verse 2:16, when we became connected to Jesus, we also tapped into the mind of Jesus. And also, able to be inspired by the Holy Spirit. For that reason, we work diligently to keep connected to Christ Jesus. This is the faith of the first century Corinthians.

Complete lesson #3 in the Corinthians work book.- End of study period 3.

1 Cor chapter3

Study Period 4

Grace is necessary to grow in love

Verse 3:1, The grace to grow in love comes from the Holy Spirit. Every good gift is available for our spiritual growth in perfect love. A disciple can partake of the 12 fruits of the Holy Spirit. This allows vibrant love to develope as we grow into the full immage of Jesus.

Verse 3:2, Love is shown to those you can see. The members of Christ’s body are at different levels of spititual development. To explain, there are spiritual babies, who need spiritual milk. Where as spiritual meat is for those who are mature enough to go beyond the fundamentals of faith. All in all, the stronger parts of Christ’s body help the weaker members achieve grace. Love tends to the needs of the body of Christ first.

Verse 3:3 The lusts of the flesh impeeds love. The sons of darkness, sow envy, strife,and divisions. Evil workers wish to destroy the unity of love. Therefore, above all else, avoid the workers of iniquity. Continue on grace as children of light and workers of righteousness.

Grace strengthens the Body

Verse 3:4,Rejoice,through grace, we are one on the spirit and one in Jesus. We are well fed. As we drink from the one cup of Christ’s blood and eat of the one bread of life, Christ’s body. Accordingly, we are citizens of one kingdom of God.

Empowerment to act.

Verse 3:5, We have a strong relationship with God. As a resuly we have the faith to continue the work of Jesus. The Holy Spirit emopwers our development of the proficiency to act with the power and authority of Jesus.

Verse 3:6,The body is one, and the work of Jesus requires team effort. As an example, Jesus sent his disciples out in twos to spread the Good News. This was done because two are 10 times stronger than one. Each member adds skill and talent to the team effort and the work of others.

Verse 3:7, God is in control of everything. As a result, God is the source of our faith, the foundation of our hope, and the means to increase our love.

Within the body, some disciples speak as oracles of God. Also, others guide and protect the flock. All members of the body work together to develop faith and love. As, God owns and controls everythong in the kingdom.

Verse 3:8 God is a living and caring God. Faith originates from tge grace of God’s call and develops in response to God’s Holy Spirit. In fact faith is God’s plan for our salvation.

God’s plan of Faith

Verse 3:9, Our becoming part of the Body of Christ came about by God’s plan. Likewise, our becoming a temple of God’s Holy Spirit was not be chance.

Verse 3:10,God’s grace, directs seemingly random events to shape our future and bring us closer to God. We are then better fit for the work ahead. This is the way God empowers the faith of the first century Corinthians.

Verse 3:11,No person can lay a foundation for faith that is correct, lasting and unchanging unless is is founded on Jesus. In other words, Jesus Christ us the only sure, strong, and steady foundation for faith. Conversely, anything other than jesus, is not eternal, nor made of divine truth. Jesus is the answer.

End of study period 4. Complete section 4 of the Corinthians work book.

Precious to God.

Study period 5.

Verse 3:12, The Corinthians built faith upon Jesus and purified themselves of pagan influences. As a result, they became precious and valuable to God. Faith that is in Jesus is desirable and useful as gold and silver. Equally important, such faith is free from useless works, thoughts, and practices. Furthermore, the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit are like gemstones,reflecting the light of God’s Glory. This is why a believer is precious to God.

Verse 3:13 Works of love merrit heaven. Perfect love can be offered to God as a treasure to be stored in heaven. Everyone and their works will pass through the fire. Hence, every work the merits heaven will remain untouched by the fire. We like the corinthians, we habe the grace to continue the work of Jesus and bring love to the people. Indeed, this kind of love is precious to God.

The standard of love.

Verse 3:14, Store up heavenly treasure. Like the first century Corinthians, we do the work of love inorder to be the best person possible. Carefull lives of love are constructed upon the foundation of Jesus. We walk the path of love for love endures all things and hopes for all things. Love leads to eternal life. There is no law, rule or precept against this kind of love.

Verse 3:15, Jesus protects us from the trial by fire. Any work that dies not merrit heaven, shall be burnt up, but the person shall be saved. Such is protected because of being in Jesus. The chaff of life will be burnt up but love endures forever.

Grace, The Value of Union with Jesus.

Verse 3:16,Being in Jesus is valuable for we tgen are intimatedly united with the source of Grace.When Jesus is in us, we then are temples of the God. In like manner, the indwelling Holy Spirit makes our body special to God. For that reason, we avoid any thing that would defile our body, the temple of God.

Verse 3:17, God’s gift of grace includes the faith to love. Faith and hope activates and motivates love. There are many ways to do God’s will and accomplish the work of Jesus. God give the grace to lobe. Brotherly kindnesd and perfect love are pleasong to God.

Verse 3:18, The Holy Spirit gives the grace if the vision to see how to do the work of Jesus. For this purpose, a disciple is no longer blind to the works of love. There is more to existence than what the senses can detect. Love and grace can not be measured by any physical measuribg tool.

Deception Limits the Work of Jesus

Verse 3:19, The deceived believe the teachings of men and act accordingly. Some have abandoned God and as a result they follow the vanities of earthly minds that work against love. Rather than practice love, the world invents crafty ways to entice the un-spiritual onto doing works of evil. As a result the deceived abandon the grace of the way of perfect love.

God searches the depths of the soul.

Verse 3:20, God knows what is hidden. God knows the thoughts of the deceived, and the Holy Spirit ecposes the vanity of wicked ways.

Be cautious as not to fall into the traps of the deceived. In particular, they twist their understanding to fit the evil desires that fester in their heart as they ignore, hide, and double talk around the truth. The darkness of deception is on their lips, in their hrart. and fills their spirit.

Verse 3:21,Deceivers use many forms of deception. For instance, some say that they have a new revelation from God, or a special knowledge through a vision. Others, claim a new teaching came in a dream.
Do not be fooled and deceived, but most of all, seek the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit, and avoid the traps and snares of evil and the pits of doubt, darkness and despair. These are the things which imprison and constrains the practice of love.

Verse 3:23 Grace gives the endurance to do the work of Jesus. As a result we have access to all the treasures of heaven. As we continue the work of Jesus, we can live a life full of happiness, peace, and contentment if we do not become deceived.

End of study period 5, complete assignment 5 in the Corinthians studies work book.

Study period 6, Chapter 4

light destroys darkness

Verse 4:1Deceivers are good pretenders. Fakes put on good shows of pomp and ritual, complete with loud voices. Even that, they can not make up for the lack of substance and conncetion with God. Thus, not everyone who claims to be sent by God and says the speak for God, actually speaks the truth or is appointed of God. The true man of God, brings the light and presence of God to the people.

Verse 4:2 The light of God is constant. Thus a disciple with God’s light is not double minded. As a result, the disciple is faithful to the Holy Spirit and the teachings of Jesus. And, in addition, well on their way to eternal life as they practice the mysteries of the kingdom.

Jesus our Light and giver of grace.

Verse 4:3 Christ shines bright. As a result, believers can see that love conforms to the will of God. As a result, love blocks pride and destroys self impotrance. Love opens the ferson to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Consequently there is no room for temptations, corruptions, and wickedness. Grace immerses the person in Jesus, and cloths them with the full armor of God. The armor of light shines bright like the noon day sun. There is no darkness withon the person.

Verse 4:4 Jesus is the source of our justification. Although, the Holy Spirit guides us in all truth, righteousness, and faith. Moreover, we are justified and set right with God, by Jesus, and no other.

Verse 4:5,Jesus is the source, and the Holy Spirit is the means by which the light of spiritual knowledge is given to believers. With this light, we can clearly distinguish between works of light and works of darkness. As a result, God will praise every believer who walks the path of light in love. Most assuredly, they will receive a full reward.

Grace is the oucome of faithful service

Verse 4:6, All parts of Christ’s body faithfully serve the needs of other members. God has high standards for performance. For that purpose, God gives all the graces necessary for faithful service. For instance, parents serve the needs of children and the family as a whole. In like manner, others actively care for the physical and spiritual well being of other believers, from the richest to the poorest, and from the least important to the most. The burden of care is shared.

Faithfully serve demands meekness of service. Thus, a godly servant is not puffed up with self importance. A steward of Christ’s kingdom is not contentious towards others, for we are all one in the Body of Jesus. Thus, a person doing the work of Jesus serves in submission, diligence, piety, and fear of God.

Verse 4:7,God gives the grace to humbly serve othets. Likewise, every special grace of service is a good gift from God. On the contrary, where you see self pride at work it is of the devil. The devil uses pride and arrogance to destroy the unity of the body. Above all, evil wants to diminish the ability of beluevers to continue the work of Jesus.

Grace produces treasures in heaven

Verse 4:8 We have been commissioned by God to continue the work of Jesus. Thus we share the grace of God’s peace, love, and righteousness. And be doing so, store up treasures in heaven. The works of loving grace are fit for heaven.

Verse 4:9, The work of Jesus includes bring disciples into the body of Christ. Each disciple does something to prepare the fields of life, plant seeds of faith, and tend to the developing crop. Even a head of household shares in the well being of childten and spouse. Effort produces the rewards of careful love and attentive concern. This is the grace produced by love.

Grace takes time to produce results.

Verse 4:10 The world seeks short term gains and profits, which are soon lost. Disciples look for long term gains and eternal rewards. In truth, no amount if earthly food can fill the void created ny a lack of Christ’s body and blood. Accordingly, only the living waters of grace can cleans and renew. Grace even clothes the believer with Jesus.
A disciple has no permanent home in the world. Truly, our real home is with God on the Kingdom.

Verse 4:11Grace achieves our reward. The grace of Holy Communion keeps us from spiritual humger. The grace of Christ’s presence protects us when evil wants to tear us down. To this end, we are stronger than the wicked workers of this world.

Grace is strength and resolve

Jesus is our spiritual big brother, and fights on our side. In addition, we plus Jesus are a majority plus one. That is the power of grace.

Strength is the ability to keep eyes wide open and have attentive ears inorder to proceed in all thrth with a clear and sound mind. As a result we remain sober, prudent, diligent and ready to continue the work of Jesus.

complete lesson 6 on the Corinthians work book.

Living in the Kingdom of grace.

First Corinthians Chapter5, Study period 7.

Verse 5:1 We live in the Kingdom of Jesus. This is the place of light where godly disciples join together as the body of Christ and manifest the glory of God. Together, the members of the body are like flaming lights in the darkness of the world. Our light is bright because we do what pleases God and glory in righteousness, truth and godliness. Anything that would diminish the glory of God is removed and destroyed.

Thus, our mind has been swept clean of everything that is contrary to God’s will. Faith gives no place to evil. As a result we carry the pure light of the knowledge of Jesus out onto the world, as solders of light in the army of Jesus, ready to continue the work of Jesus.

There is a lot of work that remains to be done. For there so many who have never been cleansed of darkness and sin. Some practice a form of godliness as members of fake and deceptive churches for such disown the power. And more so, some live in fake, look alike kingdoms of deception which keep them from becoming intimatedly united with Jesus. These are the wicked ones, the unbelievers, and the deceived who need to be saved and made whole.

Verse 5:2 In the kingdom there is the presence of God and an abundance of light. In comparison.the world is in a state of twilight, where there is not ansolute darkness nor an abundace of light. As a result people assume that the dimness of light in the world, is the normal for the kingdom. On the contrary, the true light of intimate union with Jesus, is so bright that everything else is darkness.

Beacons in darkness

Verse 5:3 In the kingdom we are beacons of faith. The light of Christ shines in us so that all parts of the body can avoid the ravaging wolves of darkness. The light of Christ gives the ability to see, and Holy Spirit provides the wisdom of understandind and discernment. Resulting in the ability to avoid evil entrapment and things that war against the will of God. This is why a disciple can make good judgements and detect wolves in sheep’s clothing, snakes in the grass,and scorpions hiding in plain sight. This is part of the grace of the kingdom.

Verse 5:4, The grace of the kingdom is released when a disciples calls on the name of Jesus and asks for assistance. Grace flows as needed, because a disciple is not alone and not without aid. As a result, God gives generously so that members of the body can radiate God’s grace and power.

Renewal is the Grace to cleanse and make worthy

Verse 5:5 Grace and power comes in many forms. God also gives the grace for us to be be made clean and worthy. Repentance from dead works is a fundamental first century doctrine. The grace of renewal, causes a change in thought, actions and desires. Renewal is a shift away from the flesh and toward God.

The Corinthians understood that repentance is more that sadness and sorrow, more than making amends, and more that doing penance. It is a fundamental shift from living in darkness to living in the light of God. Repentance moves the person from a life of self importance to a life of submission to God. Also unproductive works are abandoned and works pleasing to God are started.

Sin must be forgiven

This brings us to one of the greatest deceptions that many have bought onto. As a result some believe the sound bite that Jesus did it all on the cross and no one forward need confess and repent of their evil works. The truth is that,
Jesus before his ascension, explicitly gave his disciples the power to forgive sins. First to continue his work. Secondly, to insure that every succeeding generation could seek repentance and receive forgivness. And most of all, each succeeding generation sins and falls short of the glory of God.

The power if forgiveness.

Forgivness, breaks the bonds of past failings and moves the person into God’s presence. Confession and absolution moves a person from the shadows of darkness into the full light of God’s presence.

Thus we who absolve, continue the work of Jesus. Furthermore, the power and authority to forgive sins and declare absolution is given through Jesus. The grace of absolution has been handed down through countless generation and is vested in current old catholic priests.

<5>Forgiveness is available

For the reason noted above, most denomonations will not have absolution during their services. Accordingly many of their members will die without ever having their sins forgiven.

In contrast, every time, just like the first century Corinthians, when the body meets for Holy Communion, there us a time of confession, repenteance, forhivness, and absolution. As a result, each disciple can enter into the presence of God in Holy Communion as pure, holy, clean amd spotless. This is the duty of every believer.

However, not everyone who could have forgiveness, seeks forgiveness. Darkness, doubt, confusion, and despair often prevent repentance. In fact, this deception is so strong that as Revelation puts it, even in the torment of hell, they did not repent. Even though God’s love makes forgivness available, it is not pushed on anyone. God’s desire is that man”s free will volumtarily chose the path of life.

Freedom from sin is necessary to have grace.

Verse 5:6, A Christian continues the work of Jesus by guiding others away from all forms of corruption and vice. Thus, we avoid even the smallest hint of evil. Because, surrendering even a small portion of life to evil can corrupt an entire person. Furthermore, evil festers and opens the door of a persons soul to other forms of evil.

Verse 5:7 The Corinthians, like other first century believers purged out of themselves any illwill and hatred, along with anything that was contrary to God’s will. And for that end they became new spiritual beings, purified by grace, and strengthened by the Holy Spirit of God.

verse 5:8 We have been transformed by Jesus, and ready to encounter God in Holy Communion. For the body and blood of Jesus is God’s supreme gift of grace for eternal life. This is the good news.

Union woth God gives grace.

Verse 5:9, Jesus is the reason we have been adopted into the family of God. As a result of our adoption, the Holy Spirit dwells in us. Also, the body and blood of Jesus is present in us. Similarly, we are clothed with the fill image of Jesus. This is the good news of our salvation. Indeed we are made whole and acceptable to God.

Verse 5:10,, The good news is that we are gull citizens of the kingdom of God and filled eith every grace that union with Jesus can provide. Not only that, but we see withe the eyes of the slirit and speak with the voice of Jesus. The door to darkness is now locked closed. Idolatry, evil desires and extortion are locked away.

Verse 5:11-13 The light of this good news shines for all to see. Moreover that light shines brightest when we unite with other believets in faith, prayer and sacraments. The body is strongest when the members are united.

Complete lesson 7 on the corinthians work book.

Corinthians chapter 6

the results of grace

The first century Corinthians had a strong belief in Grace and the providence of God. Furthermore the nelieved that grace produced the things that pleased God.

grace of Love

verse 6:1 The grace given by the Holy Spirit shepherds us toward the prsctice of love. Our duty to continue whe work of Jesus is a command to show compassion, righteousness and justice to all out of Godly love. Likewise, brotherly kindness is manifest in fairness, and equity.

Certainly, the wisdom and counsel of the Holy Spirit guides away from bad outcomes and sin and toward the glory of God. In the same way, disciples seek the guidance of those who have the Spirit of God and speak Godly truths. For this purpose, listen only to the still quiet voice of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

verse 6:2 Good and sound advise and counsel comes from people of faith. For, the Holy Spirit speaks through people of faith. The counsel of the saints is the best judge of what is right. Hence, out if Godly love they seek only to protect and prosper the disciples. Speeking the truth is an act of love.

verse 6:3 The ability to see with the eyes of love, originates in the lamb of God. Love is not blind to the needs of others. Accordingly, love sees beyond the ordinary and physicsl to the spiritual and emotional needs of others. For this reason, the lamb of God has seven eyes which are capable of discerning reality in seven ways. A disciple that is in the Jesus, the lamb, and see through the seven eyes.

In addition, Jesus the lamb of God has seven horns of power and authority. These are graces given by Jesus to defend against the powers of darkness.

verse 6:4 The gift of love is God’s blessing to those who set things right. The power to love is God’s grace to correctly judge the matters of the world. The least esteemed in the body are equally loved. This is love in action.

verse 6:5 True love overcomes worldly tricks and deceits. Wisdom comes from people of love who only seek to do God’s will. They have the grace of love and are compelled to speak for the cause of the week, the oppressed, the poor, and the shy. In addition, love also sees that such have real spiritual food and drink and guidance for virtuous livimng. These are acts of true love.

Love forgives

verse 6:6 Respect God by loving. Forgiving offenses that others commit against you, and God will show love in return and forgive yiur offenses. Truly, God’s love is the source of every good gift and grace. Equally important, God expects nothing in return but respect, devotion and love. But beware, God will punish a believer who goes to court unjustly against another.

verse 6:7 Firgive offenses befor they cause bitterness. Bitterness destroys the bonds between members of the body and the inity of faith. Thus, believers proactively avoid and resolve problems. Indeed, life is simple, straight forward and joyous to those who live according to the will of God.

Happiness comes from accepting God’s forgiveness. Forgiveness frees believers from the bonds of darkness. Thus, a disciple can fully enjoy the light of God in the Kingdom of Jesus, and the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit.

The fruits of Love

verse 6:7 AThe tree of life is on the kingdom and produces fruits of love. In contrast, the world is dry desolate and barren. Because, evil workers bind people to darkness. Those in darkness can not see the free good gifts of love that are from the tree of life. Conversely, disciples can see tgeceay if love because they have the light of grace.

Baptism with water and the Holy Spirit permits a believer to see and enter the kingdom. Consequently, in the kingdom is the river of grace and life which watters the tree of life which produces 12 crops of grace.

verse 6:8 Every good gift of the Father awaits us in tge Kingdom. Especially true we have the right to enter into the kingdom whenever, wherever, and how often we choose. Children of God can partake of all the good gifts that the Father has for us.

The things God desires

Unfortunately, God’s free gifts do not come automatically or everyone would receive the same gifts on tge same proportion and the same time. There conditions that must be observed.
First: when husband and wife agree upon anything, God is doubly swift to provide. God is very slow when husband and wife disagree. Often God provides something better that what either cound envision or hope to reveive.
Secondly, God knows what is best, and will give what is really needed to those who ask earnestly.
Thirdly, God knows what a believer needs even before the need is realized. God prepares good gifts before the they are really needed.
Fourth, God grants requests that will not harm or defraud.
Fifth, it is God’s will that a good gift be put to good use, and used for good.

God desires righteousness. Thus keeping us pure and un-spotted by this world. As a result all things necessary for a happy life will be given along with an abundance of eternal life.

verse 6:9 It takes love and grace to inherit the Kingdom og God. Not everyone has love. Do not let the world lull you into accepting false beliefs about love. Know and remember this:- those who regularly lack love and consistently fall short of the glory of God, live on darkness. These are the ones who avoid love and do deed of darkness. As a resuly, they will not inherit the kingdom of God.
With this in mind, those stained by sin and have never repented have no part in eternal life. Such can not partake of the fruits of the tree of life.

Righteousness pleases God

verse 6:10 Do what pleases God. Above all else, avoid the things that war against love and keep free of worshiping anything other than God. God loves those who seek more righteousness, do more good , and live in perfect love.

verse 6:11 God permits U turns, and willingly seeks repentance of those headed in the wrong direction. Stop with evil, turn for wicked ways and come to the light.

live attentively

verse 6:12 God’s kingdom belongs to believers. For believers do what pleases God. Furthermore, we strive to live holy and godly lives, to do what is right and practice only love. Consequently, everything that we do is lawful, for we do only lawful, right and just things. Even then everything is not expedient or edifying.

Therefor, believers chose to do what glorifies God. For this purpose believers have spiritual eyes that can see opportunities to do good as well as God’s plan for happiness. The ears of a disciple are sensitive to the Holy Spirit speaking words of wisdom. Work to keep eyes and ears tuned to spiritual things.

Be thankful

verse 6:13 Thank God for spiritual food and drink. The spirit lives because of God’s gift of real spiritual food and drink. However, earthly foid and sustenance is fir tge earthly body and the earthly body lives because id earthly sustenance.

There are some so fixed on earthly things that they love to eat and drink. Their desires of the flesh control every thought and action as they live in the kingdom of darkness.

Earthly food fails short of the glory of God.

These are the ones who take an earthly communion of bread and drink, that remains earthly bread and drink. Such disown the spiritual power of receiving Holy Communion and its ability to feed the spirit heavenly food. Ordinary earthly food does not give new and abundant life, nor provide an intimate relationship with Jesus. Rejoice for true belief gives us something superior.

Receive heavenly food and drink

verse 6:14 Holy Communion is indeed a gift from God. God provides us with what was hoped for throught past ages and is now freely given to us. Every sinday, as we recieve Holy Communion, we receive the body and blood of Jesus, which gives life through union with Jesus. Holy Communion if properly received gives us the right to remain in the Kingdom.

verse 6:15 Our earthly bodies belong to God. The body is not for any form of sin or for things that fall short of thr glory of God. We were mae to have intimate union with God, to glorify God. And participate on the workings of the Body of Christ in worship, adoration, and in performance of the will of God.

Made by God for God

We have been made by God to enjoy the good gifts that the loving and caring Father provides. We are made to live on the light of divine truth. For, our bodies are members of the body of Christ, which is holy. We are not part of things which are unholy and defiled.

Moreover, we are in the body of Christ because of Holy Communion. The body and bloid of Jesus is given as food and drink for the spirit. Thus we are pure, clean, and spotless because our sins are covered and remembered no more because we are intimatedly united with Jesus.

The benefits of intimate union with Jesus

verse 6:16 Through receiving Holy Communion, we have become one with Jesus. We partake of the one true body and blood of Jesus.

verse 6:17 We have become onevwith Jesus. The person who is joined with Jesus, is one Spirit with God. That same spirit dwells in us and we dwell on Jesus. Thete can not be any more intimate relationship with God, than this, as long as we remain on earth.

Remain holy or else

verse 6:18 God and sin can not exist in the same vessel. You are either acceptable to God or apart from God. There is no middle ground.

This is why believers flee from all participation in sin. Most things which fall short of the glory of God are commited outsid the body. Certain sins, are commited against the person’s own body and thus are especially hated by God. Fore, God desires the flesh to be pure, holy, and undefiled.

verse 6:19 God wants his temple to be pure and clran. Evil wants believerd to fall short of God’s glory by defiling their own bodies. The body must not be defiled by sin because tge body is the temple of God’s Holy Spirit who indwells in the body.

Therefore, we are not our own property. Both God’s Holy Spirit and Jesus are within a person. This is the will of God.

The reason for holiness.

verse 6:20 sinners deceive them selves and fall back into darkness. We have been brought out if darkness by a great price. Thus make every effort to avoid sin. For, Jesus came down from heaven, took flesh, became man, suffered and died for our redemption and salvation.
There us no greater price than for God to suffer death on a cross. And fir that reason we glorify God in our bodies and by our spirit.

verse 6:21 to 24 not rephraised


God’s will concerning the earthly body

verse 7:1Our relatipnship with God does not demand remaining celebate. God demands performance, holiness and righteousness, and most if all to love according to the commands given. Never the less, remaining unmarried is not one if them.

In the very beginning God made Adam and Eve male and female and said it was good. Then commanded that be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth. In other words marry and have children. Thus to marry continues the first general command of God through our participatipn in fulfilling God’s will.

verse 7:2 God is pleased when love is given and shared in marriage. The scripture says inorder to avoid sin, let every man have his own wife and every woman have her own husband. God is pleaded when this happens.

verse 7:3 For this purpose, every husband renders to the wife what is due and God rewards the man for being true and faithful. Tge husband presents ownership of his body to the wife and gives back and amplifies the love that the wife shows. Thus, God is pkease when such love is given, returned and shared.

Holy Matrimony and Grace

verse 7:4 Every grace of Holy Matrimony flows from the throne of God as a resuly of God’s command to Adam and Eve. God has power over both body and soul. In matrimony a wife has power over the husband’s body. In like manner, a hisband has power over the body of the wife.

This mutual gift is in accordance with God’s will and is mutually shared throughout the entire marriage. Therefore, every grace and blessing in holy matrimony flows from the original command of God. We are to do God’s will here on earth as it is done in heaven.

verse 7:5 The two shall become one. Thus, there is a complete surrender of individuality to create a functional unity. Unfortunately, some reject unity and act in wicked ways.

Some marrage partners defraud the other of what is due them and deliberately reject God’s grace. Unbelievers play falsely with what they call love, tease, bamboozle, lead on, and entrap others in the desires of the flesh.

Matrimony according to God’s will, lasts through thick and thin, health and sickness, till death do you part. Anything less is a con, swindle, and a cheat that destroys hope. Such, results in the death of love,virtue, and every goid thing that flows from Holy Matrimony.

Love has a soft heart

Perfectipn and completeness of Holy Matrimony is destroyed by hardness of heart. With the result that the bond of unity is breeched and a doorway for evil is opened. The person allows evil desires to dominate. Inventions of the mind spring into action. Fantasies of the mind take hold and lead to encounters with workers of evil. Evil knows how to exploit any inconsistency and lack of control or commitment.

Prayer and fasting are acts of love of God, and sometimes husband and wife must part fir a brief time to pray and fast. When prayers cease, and fasting stops jusband and wife must come together again. Furtgermore, Two united in love in the name of Jesus, produces a good, strong, and mutually supporting relationship in accordance with God’s will.

According to God’s will

verse 7:6 Marriage is not a command of people,or a rule of tge church but a permission from God to be bound together according to God’s will. When a man takes a wife they are bound to a wife. Likewise when a woman takes a husband they are bound to the husband. For each couple works for the salvation and perfection of both.

verse 7:7 God’s good gifts if grace are to be received with gladness. A good woman is a gift from God. And ever husband has his proper grace from God. With the result that togetger they share tge path to eternal life.

verse 7:8 The Holy Spirit gives the compulsion to live a Godly life. The unmarried, the widow and the widower may chose to remain unmarried. But they must devote much time to God and God’s work.

>i>verse 7:9 Those who desire otherwise, should marry, establish a household, raise godly children and live a life of happiness, blessing, and peace. In intimate union witg Jesus. Anove all, tge Holy Spirit gives the compulsion and the means to live a godly life. Thus is is better to live in love than to burn in hell fire.

Love never fails

verse 7:10 The love of a true believer never fails. Certanly, a believing husband cherishes and provides for a wife and does nothing to drive her away. Love is patient, keeps no scores, and endures all things. In addition, love forgives all things. In like manner, a wife has the duty to see that mo bitter root develops between husband and wife. It is easy to deweed the marrage before the weeds take over.

Love generates more love

verse 7:11 the wise make many small adjustments befor a big change occurs. According to the way of love, husband and wife share honor, respect and joys. In marrage, each remembers and supports the other. Every day is a season of daily support and love.

The heart speaks words of affirmation, support, and caring. There is no room in the heart for chriticism or complaint. Therefore, the heart id full of support, desires of participation, and other things of love. A believers love takes positive actions which produce more love.

Love is best when it is shared. Equatable acts of service, tenderness, and attention are ways to communicate love. Thus, both husband and wife work at marrage inorder to increase happiness and contentment.

The power of love

verse 7:12 Love is powerful. Especially when believers mutually support each other. Love that is complete and un -fragmented is a complete and perfect working relationship And a powerful union of heart, mind, spirit and strength.

The hope of love is so strong the believer can work doubly hard that the holiness of matrimony is maintained in a relationship. Love is capable of perfecting the inperfect. Even when married to a non believer.

verse 7:13 the actions, thoughts and hopes of a believer can have an effect on a spouse. The light of Christ radiates in acts of love, devotion and piety. If a believer is married to an non believer and they are pleased to dwell with them, then they must not be divorced.

Only God knows if the godly life of the believer will will not bring the non believer to faith and eternal life.

verse 7:14 The power of loving faith is so strong. As a result, the unbelieving spouse and their children are sanctified and made holy and clean.

verse 7:15 Evil works to exploit any crack in the unity of matrimony. Sometimes the unbeliever causes so much contention and the unbeliever desires to depart. Let them depart, because there is bad faith in the marrage. Indeed, a believer is called to peace, love and hope.

Faith makes problems vanish

verse 7:16 Faith is a powerful weapon agains the misery of oppression and problems. Faith causes problems to disappear. Thus, the believer is not under bondage or compulsion from outside forces. God has called us to peace, life, and hope and not to contention, strife, or wrath.
Time, effort, and love make differences disappear. Love binds the willing together and can polish the roughest of souls and smoothe even the hardest of souls. Above all, God permits u turns and changed hearts.

Faith is acceptance of our duties as part of the body

verse 7:17 Each person has some skill that is beneficial to the body of Christ. For God sees the grace is distributed to all according to the needs of the body of Christ. So let each person walk in life according to the skills and abilities that God gives them. Consequently all godly labor is pleasing to God, as each member of Christ’s body is a necessary part.

verse 7:18 There is one way to get to heaven, one secret of God, and one intimate union with Jesus. But, within the body of Christ there are many ways to celebrate the love of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit. And to a lesser degree, there are many more private practices, rituals, and customs that members oractice. But above all none should over shaddow intimate union with Jesus or the indwelling of God’s Holy Spirit.

A disciple is not under any compulsion to abandon any first century pure faith for something that is new or demanded if them by men. The first century faith is pure, undefiled, and is according to the will of God. Mans attemps to change what is pure, is nothing but darkness when compared to the simplicity of the glory of God. The fruits of yhe kingdom and the grace of Jesus is food for the soul.

Faith makes changes happen

verse 7:19 Every believer repeats of dead works, and turns from darkness to the glory of God. Faith changes the heart from stone to a productive place of love. But a christian need not changs statipns in life or occupations consistent with righteousness.

verse 7:20 Let everyone say as when they were called. To this end, chand only the heart, mind and soul so that in all things they ealk the path to perfect love.

verse 7:21Faith empowers us to advance and be free of the labors and burdens of commom life in those duties. God permits us to change, grow and develope.

verse 7:22 Since, believers are free persons of Christ. All thise called to faith, are actually servants, laborers and work persons of Jesus, in the kingdom in God.

verse 7:23 Rejoice, we are free of darkness and redeemed into the light. As a result, we report only to Jesus our heavenly boss.

The faith to go out into the world.

verse 7:24 thus, every believer when they are called into the kingdom, abide, live and work for God as part of the Body of Christ.

verse 7:25 God does not want retreat behind closed doors or a cloistered secluded life. Jesus commanded his followers to go into the world and make disciples. To show the power and love of God by livong pure and honorable lives in justice and righteousness.
Yes it is good to set aside time for prayer and thanksgiving as well as for worship and works of love. Thus doing what pleases God as well as the spouse.

verse 7:26 There will be tomes of war, and trials that marriage is not expedient, in those times it is good to remain songle. But, if married, do not loosten the bonds of marriage. Two together are stronger and wiser than one alone.

verse 7:27 God’s will form the beginning was that man and woman was to marry. Those who marry have mot committed a sin. Because they have done Hod’s will.

verse 7:28The troubles with the flesh will need to be endured. Just as a single person must endure sich troubles, pressures, wars, didtresses, and even persecutions.

Faith to live prepared.

verse 7:29 Faith is the ability to live through everything that comes. Even when life is turned upside down by turmoil and contention. Faith brings success even when having a spouse means living that none exist. Somilarly those who cry and weep. Must be strong and act as if they never cried at all.

verse 7:30 There will be times when those live uncaring lives and rejoice every day will be faced with challenges that will cause them not to rejoice at all. Similarly, those who are consumed by buying will be forced to live astute lives as if they possessed nothing. But above all we can rejoice in all things because we are in Jesus, and that is the most valuable of valuable things we could posses.

Like a servalt of Jesus

verse 7:31 A disciple of Jesus, honors and respects God’s gifts. Thus a true disciple is a trustworthy steward of the treasures of God. For to abuse the gifts or use them for evil, insults thr give.

Worldly fassion soon fades into waste, disuse, and abandonment, but the gifts of the kingdom endures forever. The white cloths of righteousness shine new like the sun.

verse 7:32 All must live carefull prudent lives free of excesses of any kind. As an illustration, the single can live mistly isolated from this world. And have much free time to care for the things of God. Thus they can hive much of their time to evangelization and other things that please God. Nut sadly most singles do not fo what they should do.

verse 7:33 The ideal is to live beyond the needs of self and radiate God’s love to others. The married, carry the burden of providing for and caring for dependents and the elderly. Their work includes showing love for spouse, chikdren, and parents. Similarly, they instruct others hoe to line righteously in the kingdom and in the world.

This work pleases God who in return gives special graces to his stewards. For we live in the world but are not of the world. All are in need of God’s love. Love given and received cooperates with God’s graces.

Faith in actipn

verse 7:34 Faith successfully accomplishes God’ will. There is a difference between a wife and an unmarried woman. The unmarried woman must spen her time carring for the things of God, and maintaining holiness of body and spirit. The married woman must also include the cares of the world inorder to show God’s live to husband and children. Furthermore, God gives the wife the graces necessary for sucessful accomplishment of her duty to love.

Open eyes and mind boosts faith

verse 7:35 the New Testament presents eye opening information about God and our relationship with God. Specigically, for our benefit, edification and strengthening. Scripture details how to live a happy, prosperous and meaningful life. Likewise how to achieve eternal life and have a clear understanding of our role in the Body of Christ.

Those who have closed minds, cold and hard hearts, and closed eyes that can not discern spiritual things are lost to darkness. And they will perish for lack of the knowledge of God and the words that teach anout God.

In fact, the New Testament does not create snags that limit freedom, but real power boosters, that permit operation in the spiritual dimension of God. We then can do things God’s way, have success, and avoid pits of failure and dispare.

The New Testament opens the mind to the availability of the fruits and gifts of the indwelling Holy Spirit.
Scripture opens the eyes so that all can see how the graces of the Holy Spirit lead to health, happiness, and spiritual benefit.

The first general command of God

verse 7:36 In the very beginning God issued the first general command to Adam and Eve. in fact, God commanded that they be fruitful, multiple and fill the earth. The earth is not yet full. And we continue under the first general command of God.

Thus, a father must act toward a daughter in ways that plesse God. Namely, not ruin her life by prohibiting her from marrying. God wants a woman to marry before the flower of her age passes or is diminished. A father does not sin when he leys his daughter marry. To do so otherwise gravely offends the will of God our father.

Faith is Not to be forced.

verse 7:37 A Christian is free to chose, for who knows better than the indwelling Holy Spirit of that person. For a marriage must stand the test of time, and the trials of earthly living. Faith makes marriage happy and strong.

If a woman choses not to marry, and remains chaste and holy, the a father who sees and honors the daughter’s desires of the heart, can honor her steadfast desires as the best thing for her. Then the father is under no compulsion to firce her to marry.

The father who decrees on his heart to care and provide for his daughter does well in doing so. But The father is under no bond to retain her if she later chooses to marry.

The dynamics of commitment

verse 7:38 Consequently, A father who hives his daughter in marriage foes a good work. Furthermore, a father who retains his daughter until she is ready for marriage does a better work.

verse 7:39 Marrage is a commitment that is not entered into lightly or hastely. Husband and wife jointly participate in God’s work. Each are bound to the other as long as the spouse lives.

verse 7:40 Still, if the spouse dies, the survivor is free to marry or remain single, as that person is happy. Accordingly, there is no compulsion to remain single but only do what pleases God and avoid sin.

First Coronthians Chapter 8

Godly Wisdom.

verse 8:1 True wisdom is not earthly wisdom. In all aspects of human action, people seek knowledge and they call it wisdom. However, earthly wisdom often fails because it is incomplete or defective. Knowledge alone puffs up the pride of a person, for they think they know everything.

People rely on what they know and make judgements on what little is known. As a result, people with cold closed minds, and stoney hearts, can justify in their mind what can not be justified at all.

Those who know little are blind to the bigger picture than contains what they do not know. Furthermore the land of darkness is full of vices and works which lead to death. And because of their inability to discern the light of God, they steadfastly refuse to turn from dakness. Such, arrogantly refuse to submit to God, and will ultimately experience the results of their bad choices. As a result, hell is the trash reap of creation.

verse 8:2 True wisdom brings a petson closer to God. True wisdom and virtuous living edifies a person and produces in that person life giving results. A person is free to love God when they avoid darkness and the traps of sin. Love of God gives no part of the body over to evil. The thoughts, actions, hopes and works confirm the love of God. Therefore it should be clear that the faithful are children of God.

The wise understand God’s love and care.

verse 8:3 God our father, is intrested in our wellbeing. Because our Father is not some distant, remote, an unapproachable diety. God our father is intimatedly close and someone that we can interact with every day in multiple ways.

Above all, God knows what we need even before we realize the need. This is especially true because a person who loves God is also known by God.
To this end, God knows how to give good gifts to his children who ask.

verse 8:4 God is constantly, personally amd intimatedly involved on the life of a believer. True love is constant, unchanging, and dedicated. God is love and those who abide on love abide on God and God in that person.

verse 8:5 Unfortunately, many chose not to be initef with God. They worship idols of the imagination, images of deceiving spirits, and material objects of no eternal value. Such place theor trust into things which can not uplift or give eternal life.

One God and Father

verse 8:6 There is one God and Father, who made everything including the dust of the earth. Consequently, God has given us a special and unique place on creation. This stems from the ability to intimately unite with God in Holy Communion, on unity with the Holy Spirit.

Jesus has kept his word

verse 8:7 Jesus sai that he would never leave. And Jesus has kept his word. For in Holy Communion heaven and the kingdom of God has been expanded to include us, here pn earth. As a resul, we can boldly go to the throne of God, drink from the river of life, and eat of the fruits of the tree of life.

The fact that we are in Jesus and Jesus is in us is well understood by tbe first century Christians. Over time this fundamental fact is all but forgotten. Some even go as far to believe that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are far distant and unapproachable. But in reality. Both Jesus and God’s Holy Spirit indwell in true believers.

In the presence of God

verse 8:8 Purity is the key that allows a baptized believer to enter into the kingdom with prayers, supplications, and praise. Contrarily, all prayers to an idol, an intermediar,, or a intercessor is not a prayer to God. For God is not honored nor glorified.

Godly wisdom comes from the Spirit

verse 8:9 The Holy Spirit gives us the understandind, knowledge and wisdom to come close to God. The indwelling Holy Spirit imparts spititual wisdom and New Testament understanding. However, not everyone has Holy Spirit powered wisdom. But everyone can keep stumbling blocks to faith from happening. For the gifts of the Spirit are simple to implement and highly effective in use. Thus, the spirit leeps us closely united with God our father.

verse 8:10 The wisdom of the Spirit helps believers to do only good things which merrit heaven. The spiritually weak who lack the Holy Spirit, doubt even the words of Jesus and disown the splicity of the faith. So that they accept new traditions, practice wattered down sacraments, and afhere to the new teachings of men.

verse 8:11 Accordingly, work with the Holy Spirit and speak the truth, provide reasons for the faith,and encourage one another. To this end God is glorified.

verse 8:12 Gentelly speak to to unbelievers, guide them in truth, and help others grow in the love of God.

verse 8:13 Love can prevail over darkness. Piety need not offend a disciple but in action offends God.

First Corinthians Chapter 9

Chosen and ordained.

verse 9:1 God has a plan for continuing the work of Jesus. That plan contains a procedure for passing on the necessary power and authority. Accordingly this includes apodtolic secession, through the laying on of hands and imparting an abundance of God’s Holy Spirit.

Church group overseers are today the descendents of the apostles, the modern day apostles sent to perfect the Body.Thus the authority and power of Jesus is preserved.

verse 9:2 Ordination is Holy Spirit empowerment. Accordingly the priest/minister can speak with the voice of Jesus, command angels, and see Jesus and the kingdom. Furthermore, administer the gifts of grace, that are needed for eternal life. Thus the duty to edify, protect and grow the faith.

verse 9:3 the overseer is respected but never venerated or adored. With this in mind, the minister is given due respect because of piety, holiness, power and authority. These gifts are nevessay for those who lead local church groups. God alone is revered, adored, worshiped, and glorified.

A servalt of all but not mastered by any.

verse 9:4 and 5 A minister has the same rights and privilege, as any other believer. But has special duties of office. Thus, a overseer has the right to eat and drink. And to lead about a disciple sister, a wife, as does the brothers of Jesus and Peter.

Continuing the work of Jesus

verse 9:6 The gifts of grace are for our personal edification and for dooing the work of Jesus. Thus, God’s blessings cover every aspect of discipleship. Above all, every person does something for the glory of God.

Every person who labors, also shares in the fruits of their labor as well as the labor of others. Some toil to plant the seeds of faith. Likewise, others tend to the plantings. astill others harvest the results of faith.

All are part of the body of Christ. In Christ there is no distinction between members. In spite of this equality God does permit some to have more material wealth than others. But a richer brother shoukd not look down on a pooer brother for not supporting the body equally. Those who have much, much will be required of them.

Help in the work of Jesus

verse 9:7 members of the body support each other on the fight against evil and darkness. There is a battle between truth and deception, also between the works of light and darkness. This is the great war for the souls of many. In addition, the benefits of righteousness and the deceptions of evil need to be clearly known. The children of God battle for the minds of unvelievers against the demons of Satan.

War even spiritual war costs time, effort and resources. Thus mutual support amplifies the effectiveness of Godly efforts.

verse 9:8 we became part of the Body of Christ when we received Holy Communion. Thus, we are the people of God. The body of christ is not for man, nor for the church. The body of Christ is for God and the works of God. God wants performance and profitability. And the destruction of ravenous wolves in sheeps clothing. Such must not destroy, consume or weaken the children of God.

No earthy ownership or control

verse 9:9 The body of Christ is for the work of Christ. Hence what people call a church (local establishment) is not owned by any person. It exists by the will of God for the people of God. Grace is not the property on any one person, to be dispersed at their will. In truth grace is like an unimpeded river flowing constantly from the throne of God.

The river flows freely but the leader must bring the people to the river so that they can drink deeply of the life sustaining waters. And lead them to lush wattered pastures of Grace.

verse 9:10 Deceivers consume what belongs to God. Yes there are those who treat the body as slavrs to feed their lusts. They eat and grow fat producing little profit or growth. The body is not for the benefit of individuals.

One power of unity

verse 9:11 The righteous support righteous workers. Some make plans and preparations in hope. Those who build and maintain do so in hope. Similarly those who reap do so in the hope of a bigger harvest. Thus all hope for the something but in different ways.

God is glorified when all is in good order and in good time. Sowing the seeds of faith is important. Likewise equally important are the people who provide the seeds to be sown and the food and shelter for the sower.

verse 9:12 God does not demand absolute dedication inorder to be a servant of Jesus. But those who serve every hour need the support of those being served. Such does not have the time to tend to their own needs. God gives the grace to serve theor needs, the needs of the people and work for the glory of God. Unity make the work of Christ a pleasure.

All for the Glory of God

verse 9:13 The old testament ministers lived too well on the things offered to God. Christian religion does not exist for the benefit of the monidter but for the benefit of the people.

God is pleased when his disciples ight the way and free people of darkness.

verse 9:14 to 9:24 under development.

verse 9:23 God is pleased, when his servants light the path from darkness to God’s presence, we bless when people need blessings, Furthermore, the helpers if Jesus, inite with other believers to drive out darkness, bring truth, and give grace.

verse 9:24

Equipped for battle

verse 9:25 God has equipped believers for the work ahead
The hand of divine destiny and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit are powerful means to overcome tep
Temptations. Evil entices people to quit and admit defeat. Above all, resist the devil and reap the rewards of a profitable servant.

God has given us the full armor of Jesus, along with the fruits and gifts of the Spirit. With the result that we can fight the good fight. The demonic opppression along with confusion, obscured truth and devilishly set traps and snares are defeated.

Overcome temptation

Everyone who does good will be tempted. Those who have weak faith will be taken hostage by darkness
But, sound faith is strong enought to overcome temptations. Temptation does not mandate failure. But strength insures success. And spiritual strength comes from the guidance of the indwelling Holy Spirit and the protection of Jesus in us in Holy Communion.

Go for the reward

The world focuses on transitory and computable rewards. Believers are in a different contest. Our quest is for spiritual and eternal treasures. These come by and through the work and merrits of Jesus. Such is precious and incorruptible.

No room for evil

versr 9:26 The first century Christians allowed no place for evil. The firmly held to proper use of things and the keeping of good relationships. Similarly, everything was in proper perspective and brotherly love abounded.

The disciples lived temperate and controlled lives even in a pagan world of excesses of uncontrolled vice. They focused themselves on submitting self to God, developing faith, and practicing virtue. In the same way, they increased the knowledge of God ,live in parient faith and showed perfect love. Likewise this is God’s will for us today.

verse 9:27 they lived in total but controlled freedon. For, they freed their hearts from the snares of evil desires. Their minds were liberated from the chains of evil hopes, above,all, their inner spirits were cleansed of evil aspirations. So that all strength was devoted to works that merrit heaven. This is pleasing to God our Father.

First Corinthians Chapter 10

live right with Jesus

verse 10:1 Jesus came to restore what Adam list. After Adam’s sin, God was no longer visible to mankind. Adam’s descendants lost understanding of God. Do tbat, people were ignorant of the full glory, power and might of God until the time of Jesus.

verse 10:2 The old testament religious zealots fell short of God’s glory . They remained ignorant of God’s ontentions and desires. The best understanding of God’s desires only kept the people from slipping further into darkness and sin. Consequently they were unable to to be uplifted. Jesus solved that problem.

Doing something that appears religious is not effective

Even though, the people of the old testament were inder the cloud of God’s presence. They were never close to God. Likewise were washed by the waters of the see with Moses. Yet that did mot make them acceptable to God.

verse 10:3 The people of God who ate the bread from heaven, the manna of the desert were mot made holy. Even those who drank the water that flowed from the rock were not made righteous.

vigilance is required

verse 10:4 Here us the point. That being eashed with water does not give new life nor does being in church close to God sanctify a person. Furthermore, eating bread does not provide the body of Christ. Similarly drinking any liquid does not sustain spiritual life. Only the true body and blood of JESUS sustains new life in the kingdom.

verse 10:5 The old testament scriptures say that God was not pleased with many and they died. Although many did what they thought what was right they fell short of the glory of God. As a result, many lusted after evil things and sunk deeper onto darkness and sin. For instance, these thongs happened as an example of how quickly things can go wrong, even with the people of God

Grace the new way to perfection

verse 10:6 God’s grace places us under the guidance of the indwelling Holy Spirit. That same geace cleanses us with the baptism of the boly spirit. Above all, God’s grace gives us the true bread of heaven the real body of Jesus and the blood of Jesus for our spiritual drink. This we believe and avoid the errors of the past.

verse 10:7 Many attempt to find God in thete own way and slip into idolatry, heresy,and apostasy. They sat down to eat and drink earthly sustenance and nothing good happened. But we eat and drink unto salvation and righteousness.

verse 10:8 unlike the people of the past, we out of love, control our bodies in submission to God. Thus, God is glorified in all that we do.

verse 10:9 God gives good gifts. When we ask in prayer we receive in grace. Grace empowers trusting workers who do not tempt Christ.

Loosing fairh is mot an option

verse 10:10 God is just and destroys those who abandon faith. For instance, in the desert those who did outwardly evil things and doubted the providence of God were destroyed.

verse 10:11 Evil can easily take hold when the person does not have faith in God. Evil poisons the mind, hardens the heart, pollutes the spirit and weakens the strength. The darkness of evil is very dark. Thus, evil prevents people from entering into an intimate relatipnship with Jesus. Let us all live spotless and true to Jesus.

Avoid the cause of eternal death

verse 10:12 Submission to God leads to eternal life. On the contrary pride, leads to arrogance, and arrogance leafs to rebellion.
Rebellion produces bad decisions, mistakes, and poor judgement. These lead to spiritual death.

Pride leads to callousness of heart and coldness of the spirit. Similarly, arrogance grows into contention and conflict. and also makes love cold.

The power of love

verse 10:13 Love fuels the mind and powers the spirit. Tge desire to love is a grace from God. Love conquers all temptations.above all, God provides a way.

verse 10:14 The deceived lack godly love. For they place activities, objexlcts and ideas above Hod. The idols and lesser Gods, and not as obvious as they were in the first centiry. Never the less idols and lesser God’s are still present even within some church groups.

Love is not just a Sinday thing, but a 24 hous a day, 7 day a week continuing encounter with the will of God.

Presence of God.

verse 10:15 God is encountered in spirit and in truth,in ways that are somple and undefiled. They believed in the presence of God as expressed by the secret.

Over time, people lost faith in God and forgot the secret. So that the listened to the doctrines of men and the whisperings of demons. Complex rituals, conditions and practices were added. Thus, their faith departed from the simplicity that is in Jesus.

What Jesus taught

verse 10:16 the deceived do not believe thevwords of Jesus. Christ actually saud ” UNLESS a person eats by body and drinks my blood they DO NOT have life on them.

Holy communion is superior to communion as practiced by some. Holy communion is the center piece of worship and adpration. In order to have life a person must receive the real thing, conversely, taking a symbol as communion does not give life.

Both the body and blood of Jesus are necessary for eternal life. The bread alone is a man defined fantasy substitution for the totality of Christ’s body and blood.

Jesus in body and blood at the last supper took bread and mad it his body and took wine and mad it his blood. Thus today we do the same as the bread becomes Christ’s body and the wine Christ’s blood. Because the all powerful will of God gave that power and authority to the Apostles. Likewise to their descendents through the imposing of hands. Thus, the believers can partake of the life givong bread of heaven. For it is the inion of the bread and wine made the body and blood of Jesus thst sustains eternal life.

Really real,

verse 10:17 Faith mandates that there is mo doubt, no hesetatipn, no reservatipn, and no equivocation. Thus, it takes faith to discern the full body of Christ from the outward appearance of bread and wine. There is no greater unity then havong the body of Christ within our body and having the blood of Christ flowong through our body. thank God our fathet for the real thing

Alive in Christ

The pagans of the first century were in opposition to the values of God. But the Holy Spirit gave then the endurance and wisdom to resist pagan influences, and maintain moral strength. Accordingly, kept the faith and prospered even in opposition, and spread to good news by living good lives. In all things they remained one with God.

Their relationship with God was not based on external observations, feasts and special days, nor special clothing and dress. In days past, dead religions were all about putting on shows of religiosity, group ritual performances. There false faith included visible public acts of worship to images.

First century Christians, had a deep intense and intomate relationship with God that was from within. God is ever present as they kept encountering God with the whole heart, mind, spirit and strength. The worship of the old ways yielded to the Christian way of encountering God directly. They were alive in Christ Jesus.

The ever present God

To them there was no need for special days of observation for God made and sustains every day. Thus, God cound be worshiped every minute of every day. In the same manner they wore no special dress or had a special emblem. To this end, the glow of Christ dwelling in them made the very special and unique among the pagans.

In times past, people had to go to a specific place, to a specific temple inorder to come near to God. But, God is with ever true disciple of Christ. Especially because of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the gull armor of God and intimate union with Jesus. God is with them and in them.

The first century Century christians had no need for external shows of religiosity. The could boldly go out into the world and make converts because the Holy Spirit guided them and protected them. The Holy Spirit is the source of truth, understanding, knowledge and wisdom.

God’s ordained sacrifice

verse 10:18 the people of the old covenant lived according to the flesh, sacrificed animals, and feasted on their flesh. Such sacrifice did not uplift them nor prevent them from sinning again and again.

God ordained that the sacrifice of Christ’s own body and blood has the power to heal the nations. Accordingly, receiving this sacrifice has the power to intimately unite believers with the fillness of divinity. Thus we encounter the real and true God.

Of idols and devils

verse 10:19 There are people who refuse to come to God and become intimatedly united with Christ. Such fabricate idols of the mind as tgey search for God. Idols are powerless and above all, ineffective at giving new life. Consequently, Idols are nothing but a wisp of imagination. And any thing offeted to an idol amounts to nothing.

verse 10:20 The things pagans worship to are crafty created deceptions of devils and are not of the one true God. Accordingly, the first century Christians, did not felliwship with devils, nor partske of the cup of deceivers. Godly people have no part with evil.

verse 10:21 and 22 In a similar way, Christians ate not free to do anything that would provoke God to anger or wrath. The best disciple is neither wiser or stronger than God. Then,how can we resist chastisement, punishment or judgement if a disciple does evil or eats at the table of devils.

Dedicated to God
verse 10:23 From the first century onwards, disciples have hearts focused on our Fathet. Likewise their minds are set on the glory of Jesus, and their strength Dedicated to love. Above all their spirit is aligned with the Holy Spirit of God.

Thus because of this all thongs tbat they do are good. for we do only good thongs and take part in no evil. We practice love and full range if things that glorify God. Such are lawful and demonstrate perfect love.

verse 10:24 love actively shows devotion to God. Loves opens the eyes of the spiritually blind and works to give hearing to the spiritually deaf.

Love works to clothe the spiritually naked with the coveting of Jesus. In the same way, feeds the spiritually hungry, with real heavenly food and drink. Love furthermore, frees captives from the enslavingbrraps and snares of darkness.

Give thanks to God

verse 10:25, 26 and 27 The earth belongs to Jesus, and the fullness there of belongs to God alone. Therefore what transpires in commerce belongs to God. Thus the disciple gives thanks to God our Father for each and every goid gift.

verse 10:28 do not buy, eat ir drink of anythong that a person claims to be offered to a pagan God. in fact by foing so you strengthen the decievers belief and weaken your own.

Avoid cooperating with evil workers. Their goal is to propigate evil. In addition resist the devil and the devil will flee. In all things,first give thanks to God.

Carries faith to others

verse 10:29 Not every believer walks in the same level of the understanding of God. Not everyone has complete and strong faith. Yet some have partial understanding and know only part of God’s will. Therefor, a disciple must do nothing that would damage the conscious of a believer or hinder their debelopment.

verse 10:30 The work of Jesus is to carry faith to unbelievers and strengthen the faith of those just comming to belief. The work of Jesus includes, first, removing stumbling blocks, second, the healing of wounds caused by sin, and third, instructing the ignorant and perfecting the wise.

verse 10:31 Thus a disciple brings the light of God’s glory ot everyone. Everything is for the glory of God. Likewise, we live by faith and there is no difference between our faith and what we do in private.

versr 10:32 Jedus provides for our faith. The Holy Spirit enlivens our faith. Furthermore God our father accepts our faith. Thus every part of the body works for the salvation of those called to faith

God our father is the judge of all and Jesus finishes our salvation. Thus a disciple gives no offense to the people of the old covenant, nor to unbelievers.

vetse 10:33 there is one bread, and one body. Likewise, there is one faith, and one hope. And above all there us one God, who dwells in all who are saved.

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