Person of faith, New Testament characteristics, Course M-2CONTENT
Study#1, spiritual development
STUDY PERIOD 2, seeds of a good life and sources of weakness.
STUDY PERIOD 3,, understanding spirituality.
STUDY PERIOD 4 Understanding righteousness
STUDY PERIOD 5Faith in action.
STUDY PERIOD 6Spititual motivations
STUDY PERIOD 7Faith in the real world.

STUDY PERIOD 1, spiritual development.

You, the person of faith, has just started a journey of spititual development that could lead to ordination. With thos in mind, it is necessary to have a sound and firmi foundation for future studies. Self undetstanding is the beginning point of that journey.

the beginning point

Course M-2,(person of faith) is a series of self discovery and self evaluation exercises. Hence, The person of faith will be more likely to succeed as a minister.

A humble disciple submits and seeks education, enlightenment and wisdom as a means to fulfill their call. Whereas the ill prepared stumble, fall, and give up. As a result, this study outlines,God’s standards of service.


This is an introdictory level studies into the New Testament qualities of a person of faith. The student need not be a saint, but must be willing to take to heart what is presented and change what must be chaniged. These standards are not man’s criteria but God’s.

Sound and firm guidance helps a stidemt make good decisions. In other words, beginning, a study of first century Christianity is an act of faith, based on a soubd hope. As a dtuden progresses through their studies the visipn of ordinatipn becomes clearer and more distinct.

GOD’s standards for the person of faith.

Ministry is not a job, or an occupation but a relatilnship with Jesus for the benefit of the body of Christ. Herefore, the priest is the point if connection between the head, which is Jesus and the various members of tbe body.

On other words, the minister is the means by which the life blood of Christ flows to each member and the connection that gives animation to each member. For instance, the ministry is like the tendons and ligaments of the body it holds things together and works to accomplish God’s will.

Based on the New Testament

God’s standards for the person of faith us well documented in the New Testament scriptures. On the other hand, if a person observes no standards, Satan will surely create fake standards, which lead to hell. Therefore read and understand well.

Godly guidance

Study lesson M-2, person of faith is God’s way of pointing the student in the right direction, on the right path. And have the student look in the mirrror of scripture and see what is reflected. Thetefore, this study begins the religious transformation and personal enlightenment that will make the stident into the perfect perdon of faith.

This study is for those seeking a close encounter with God, a deeper relatipnship with the Holy Spirit of God, and a functional intimate unions with Jesus. But, those seeking a quick half hearted, superficial, rush to ordination process should consider some other program of studies. Above all, ordination requires CHANGE, growth, and grace. complying with the will of God takes time.

Quality of relatipnship with God

Self evaluation #1, is a self assesment inventory of present life qualities
Instructions,Read and meditate on each of the 36 characteristics that could develop into a truly godly life.

God’s standards for the person of faith

#1,the person of faith is a source and fountain of God’s Holy Spirit, and
#2, A light that shines in the darkness.
#3, The disciple is putting on full image of Jesus and
#4 and becoming an overcomer of fear and hesitancy.
#5, the student is shown to be consistent and steady.

Godly characteristics are present

#6 Full of truth,
#7, as well as having a hunger for righteousness.
#8, is pure of conscience,
#9, good natured, and
#10 Pure of heart,
#11, tranquil of spirit and silent as needed.

Ready for training

#12, The candidate is near sighted focused,
#13 watchful over the intellect,
#14, modest,
#15, generous,
#16, attentive,
#17, compliant,
#18,Full of fortitude,
#19, Wisdom filled, and
#20, endowed with a sense of purpose.

Desires spiritual wisdom

#21, The disciple is a person of faith,
#22, that us humble and penitent for self and others.
#24, The student exhibits fitness of soul and body along with being,
#25, rooted and as a result,
#26, has an intense longing for God.

Ready for instruction

#27, The applicant,putts fort effort,
#28, shows cognitive insight,
#29,is of a good disposition.
#30 The person is simple of soul.
#31, Seek simplicity of life, and
#32,has as a mature confession of faith.
#33, they work for sucessful accpmplishment and,
#35,Is cheerful with gratitude, and
#36 respectful.

Complete self evaluation #1 in the M-2, Person of faith studies workbook.


Of Goodness and failure

Just as there are seeds of a good life, there are also weeks that lead to destruction. Seeds of destruction can lie dormant for many years and griw when the wrong conditions dominate. In other words, weeds are the things that choak out the growth of goodness. As a result, thr older a person is the mote probable is tbat their crown if glory has slipped in the past.

Areas of weakness

This second self evaluation identifies areas of past weakness, with the intent to draw attention to areas of future temptation. The goal of this self evaluation in not to rehash the past, or self condemn, but to remember the strategies that were used to overcome temptation. And above all, use the same tactics to remove all weeds from the garden of life.

Instruction, read each statement, meditate and ponder on tbe impacts that area of potential failure has had in the past, is having and could have in the future.

Evaluation criteria

The student has in the past, currently ,or has the potential to: #1, make or act on presumptions, and as a result,
#2, act heartlessly, or
#3, been judgemental.
#4, Has sought spurious knowledge or
#5, Acted lawless.
#6, Does the applucant lack passion and drive,
#7, talked about friviolus things,
#8, acted with audacity, or
#9, used foul language,
#10, said anything silly.
#11, moreover, exhibited avarice, or
#12, did something aggressively,
#13, was as disobedient, or
#14, exhibited lite mindedness.

Moral strength

#15, Had low spirits because of loss of hope or courage,
#16, had unclear and unfocused thoughts or
#17, had unbridled desire, or
$18, did things for self satisfaction.
#19 has the applicant been accusatory or
#20 desired sensuality?
#21, Is the disciple free of sensless things and
#22, living un uncleanliness or in contrast
#23, lived in affluence.

Self control

#24, has the believer been deceived,
#25, had an episode of lack of faith,
#26, or thinks counter intuitive.

the failure syndrone

#27, Experience of dispassion with
#28, personal hardness of heart,
#29 resulting in being ungrateful.

quality of life

#30, Agreed with or approved of evil.
#31, Said or done anythins coarse.
#32, Enjoyed fantasy.
#33, Was inattentive.
#34, Gave offense.
#35 Spoke with derision.

Steength of Character tests

#36, Exhibited any idleness.
#37, Was lax about anything.
#38, Lacked compassion
#39,subject to abuse in any form.
#40,showed evil intent.
#41,Was a gang membet.
#42,Been harsh or cruel to animals or people.
#43,Done something inpious.
#44Participated in a failure.

Complete self evaluation #2, in the M-2 studies workbook.

No one is perfect but God. However, the person of faith makes progress, strengthens weaknesses, and works toward being a better servant of Jesus.

If you can see the good and the bad in your self, as well as the path to growth, then you can identify them in others and help others grow in faith and love.

Understanding spirituality.

Spirituality requires a different skill set than other branches of behavior science. In other words, Spirituality looks at the individuals in relation to God. However, tge other worldly disciplines examons the ondividual in worldly settings.

This study presents a broad general collection of things spiritual. They are the beginning points for later study and development. Read the list, meditate on each area of spirituality and ponder how that area relates to havong an intimate relationship with God.

Spirituality includes

1) A Christian attitude along with
2) A goid general attitude of life.
3) Good general integrity in addition to
4) Christian integrity
5) Fir tgat purpise Christian mastery must be combined with.
6) Loyalty to God,
7) general wisdom with
8) divine wisdom.

Spirituality places everything in proper persoectve

9) such as worldly riches and conversely
10) Christian riches.
11) Spirituality bancaces worldly honor with
12) Christian honor to produce
13) Blessings,
14) Godly stremgth,
15) Divine power, and
16) Godly glory.

Gifts from God

such as
17) Supernatural faith,
18) Godly Virtue, and the
19) Knowledge of God’s secret.
20) a disciple develops self control.
23)Brotherly kindness, and
24)Petfect kindness.

spirituality debelops tha gifts of

25) Prophrcy,
26) Discernment,
27) the ability to deliver miracles,
28)and the abity of godly tongues,
29) and eqyally important the interpretation of tongues and
30) gifts of divine healing.

Complete self evaluation #3, in the M-2 studies workbook.


Understanding righteousness.

Righteous is necessary

Jesus, said that the righteousness of a person of faith must exceed that of the most righteous people of the time. Thus, the person of faith must have a working understanding of what is righteousness. For instance, the path to eternal life is paved with many positibe acts of behavior.


Read, meditate, and reflect how each statement impacts your walk with Jesus and how abundantly that characteristic is present in your life.


A) I have and value inner spiritual wisdom and
B) My thoughts are free of worldly passion.
C) Accordingly, I act with reverance
in spiritual matters,and equally important,
D)My life is an example of perfect love.

Results of righteousness

E) I lack anxiety about all things, also.
F) I am 100% dedicated to God.
G) Consequently, I am repentant.
H) because of my spititual disposition.
I) Living in love,demonstrates endurance and long suffering.
K) I am so happy that I enjoy tbe singing of psalms in my heart.

working to do love

L) I search for God in everyone and in every place.
M) and when I encounter God, I have communion with God.
N) It is good to remember the dead.
O) It is very good to have peace.
P) Also, being rrserve is helpful.
Q) It is good to occasionally shelter in solitude.
R) likewise it is very good to have a morally pure soul.
S) adove all, the devil is rejected.
T) As a result,intercession can 7be sought for others.

Staying of the path of righteousness

U) It is good to be free of possessions.
V) Likewise is good to pray and meditate for long hours as a vigil.
W) Furthermore, it is good to have fervor of the Spirit
X) As well as a healthy longing for death.

in addition

Y) I seek perfection in Christ, as a result,
Z)I have experienced tears of undetstanding.
AA) As i contemplate, and
BB) read for Christ’s sake.

Righteousness provides

CC) perfect health of the soul,
DD) patient endurance, and
EE) fervent living.

righteousness allows for

1, The indwelling of God,
2, pure prayer,
3), clearthoughts, and an occasionally rest in mindlessness.

The fruits of righteousness are:

A, Forbearance and patient self restraint.
B, good moral judgement.
C, The desire to mourn when others mourn.
D, Live guileless and have no sly or cunning agenda.
E, Experience pure doxology, as well as,
F, heart renting tears, due to,
G, brotherly love.

Righteousness is practiced by:

H, good works and actions,
I, acts of perfect love, and
J, disdain money.

Purity of righteousness

K, by rendering setvice,
L, by kerping the body pure,
M, and by kerping the commandments.

The righteous can

N, appeal to God,
O, withdraw from the world,
P, live graciously,
Q, have godlike stability,
R, teach with divine skill,
S, and have ecstasy towards God.

we are then able to:

T) surener in faith,
U, live in godliness,
V, show friendliness to all,
W, and forgive debt.

Righteousness is given because

X, I am an adopted child of God.
Y, because of spiritual knowledge.
Z, and most if all, god like zeal.


Faith in action

a) it is very good to be saintly,and
b) love in the presence of God.
c) Is to refrain from evil,also
to be self restrained, and
d) refrain from inflated self esteem.
e) The mild, gentle, and not easily provoked are walking examples of faith in action.

The person of faith should

f) have noble, fine qualities, with high moral pronciples.
g) happily sing hymns in their heart.
h) have moral scruples that prevent works of evil.
i) do activities that exceed my natural abilities.
j) live a strict life, that lacks luxuries and adornment.
k) does acts of charity,
l) obediently.
m) experience a state of prolongued quiet anf calm and
n) live in sanctification.

Submission to God

o) I frequently kneel in submission to God thus reminds me that,
p) My self will has been eradicated.
q) it is necessary to frequently study and search the New Testament.
r) besides this prepares me for deeper meditation.

The benefits of faith

s) In faith I am childlike in Christ, but
t) wise with true enlightenment, and
u) filled with spiritual joy.

faith makes be able to be

v) accessable by other members of the body,
w) and to comprehend their needs.
x) Thus strive to be a good manager.
y) and use ever gift of godlike tendencies for the betterment of others.
z) over all, I am sensitive,
aa) strong when strength is needed, and
bb) bold when boldness is required.

Reflection of God’s glory

God’s glory is reflected in our love of God and our steadfast love of neighbor.
God’s love is reflected in our courage, sympathy, and discipline.
All in all, It is good to undetstand what pain is and feel the pain of others in showing kindness, while remaining detached and objective.

Faith is all things to all people

Therefore, regularly show thanksgiving, do things that are in accord with nature and fast regularly. The person of faith is orderly and demonstrates submissiveness when needed. Live like a spiritual virgin in all purity. Furthermore,return to God frequently.

Show your faith

Be a source of acknowledgement and undetstand our kinship with Jesus. Then, all can seek eternal life as you speak the Good News. Above all be moderate and forceful when needed But always show courtesy to other believers, and lead them in concern for God.
In addition, be watchful, use things rightly, and speak well of others. Then you will also receive praise from God.

an intimate relationship with God allows for:

(1), an intense experience of pleasure and joy of the intelect.
(2), the shed tears of the soul, over sins.
(3) the overcoming of shame along with,
(4) seek justice.

performance not over work

(5)It is good to occasionally practice self retirement and seclusion. Such rests body and soul. (6) But always be read to
counsel effectively and righteously,
(7)Exhibit morally correct behavior.

Ask correctly

(8)With all humility,
(9) earnestly and anxiously ask God, (10) it is equally important to occassionally weep and cry to God.

Strong in Faith

(11)Do everything to have and keep agreement and harmony.
(12) and control tribulation of the soul.
(13) Keep a thutst for righteousness,
(14) renounce worldly things,
(15)struggle against evil and
(16) most if all, work to increase holiness.

Victory is assured because:

(17) of sincere repentance,
(18) petitions to God, and
(19) self denial.

Faith is profitable because,

(20) Jesus is diligently served.
(21) Thus, souls can be recovered by
(22) admonishment and encouragement.
(23) Love is practiced reliabily as we tell others about the Good News
(24) using sound words delivered as (25)sharp and keen thoughts. As un-judgenental and un-censorious words of wisdom.

speaking with the voice of Jesus requires:

A), Knowing theology for the apistles we intensively taught by Jesus for 3 years. And
B) Likewise having purity of the intellect, because all forms of unbelief and disbelief were systsmaticly swept out.Respect and hope.
C) They were taught humility and service. Thus, disinterest in glory.
D)knowing that they were right. They could rest in stillness and live in the care and concern in solitude.
E) living righteously produces innocentness and self dignity.

Benefits of living with God

F) the anility to pray with supplication and
G)interceed with cries of anguish.
H) to show care and sweetness.
I) to toil when toil is required.
J) to be frugal when frugality is required.

Godly living includes:

1) beinh un-acquisitive.
2) not desiring to accumulateon anything.
3) living in calmness
4) having moral integrity.
5) guarding the soul.
6) experiencing the goodness of God.
7) know what real poverty of the Spirit is.
8) alertness, in all matters
9) showing warmth.
10) having a praiseworthy ability to change.

Complete self evaluation #4 in M-2 studies workbook.

Ordination is a procesd with increasing levels of understanding, commitment, development, and duties. The foundation of spiritual development is self understanding. The more effort you put into strengthening the foundation, the grander the person of faith, will become. If there are any weaknesses, satan eill exploit those weaknesses later, and destroy what you are building.


Spititual motivations.
Ordination is much more that preaching a few words from the New Testament or fulfilling a role. It may include:
● Connecting people to God
And Strengthening the faith of a disciple.
● Explaining the need for, and the benefits of being on Jesus.
● Planting and caring for seed of faith, and equally important, Opening people’s eyes to spiritual things.
● So that there us recovery of sight to those who were in darkness.
With the result of unincumbering the minds of the disciples so that they are free to believe.
● Remove the bindings that keep people from commong to God and especially, removing the snags and snares from the path of life. Lokewise, Fillong in the pits of despair and darkness.

The joy of ordination

● Similarly, brings the light of Jesus to people of darkness, also the hope of the Holy Spirit to the lost.
● Thus, Identify and meet people’s needs, accordingly, bind what needs to be bound and loose what needs to loosened.

The work of Jesus

● Proclaim liberty to those who are captive. Furthermore, wash the people of faith with water and the Holy Spirit.
● So that they can feast at the wedding banquet of the Lamb.

Anove all,

Grant forgiveness of sins. So a s too, Turn people away from the attractions of evil. And with this is mond, Turn people of faith towards God. And, lead people onto the Kingdom of Jesus.

Being all things to all people

● Provide an entry into Christ’s kingdom. Furthermore, Train the person of faith in righteousness and truth. As well as show them the way to real spiritual food and drink.
● Protect the person of faith from all evil and, keep the people safe from all workers of evil. And Tell the person of faith the secret of God.
● Provide to them the means if having intimate union with Jesus, and show disciples how to secure a place among those sanctified by faith.

The stident will learn much more as their spiritual development progresses.


Complete self evaluation #5, in the intern studies workbook.



faith in the real world.
The world is full of people who do not respect God. In other words, they are practitioners of the seven capital vices, the seven deadly and cardinal sins. For, these sins bring with them many more evils.

The student must be aware that sin is not just the absence of good. But a more pernicious and pressing work of tbe devil.

understanding evil

The seven prime evil spirits when they enter a person will invite many other evils to inhabit the person with them.The student must be aware, that the devil goes about like a roaring lion, full of pride, boasting about themself. Such are full of arrogance, slander, and gossips of destruction. For example they are haters full of faithless and ruthless. They are senseless, full of greed and strife and are a source of envy.

Evil workers, innately do evil as they are God haters, who live in depravity. Such approve of others who do similar evil and even counsel others to shed innocent blood.

Fighting evil

The goal of spiritual development is to keep yourself pure and spotless, unspoiled by this world. Therefore, God will see that you have strong weapons to defeat evil. Specificly, God will arm the person if faith with correct knowledge and true reasons for belief. God will give you the gifts of prudence, justice, temperance, courage (fortitude), faith, hope, and love.

In addition God will give you the helmet of salvation, The shield of faith, tge sword of the Holy Spirit. the body armor of righteousness. And yhe combat boots of the knowledge of the Good Newd, by which you can stand in humility, power and effectiveness.
And even more so, God will train yiu how to use use those weapons correctly and with great effectiveness.

The benefits of righteousness

Then, the person of faith will be able to posses the fruits of righteousness, which include:
● An abundance of love.
● Joy in everything we do, say and think.
● Peace with God, self, family and neighbors.
● Patience and kindness shown and received.
● Goodness and the ability to share the good things of life with others.
● faithfulness, consistency, and dedication.
● Humility and submission to the way of life.
● Self control and the avoidance of vices and temptations.

The Holy Spirit is the person of faith personal spiritual trainer, the Paraclete (John4:26). And above all, our aid, our comforter, advocate,and intercessor. As a result, wirking for Jesus is a pleasure, and something that outs a big smile of accomplishment on the disciples face.

Complete self evaluation #7 in the M-2 studies workbook.



Your present strengths are your foundation on which future accomplishments will be built. Read the list of qualities and charactetistics that a person of faith must pisses and formulate an opinion about each.

The petsonal qualities

● Has a pure heart, a clear conscience, and a genuine faith.
● Is not proud and does not self promote. And on the other hand knows humility
● besides being tested and approved.
● Avoids being ordained hastely.

spiritual qualities

● Is dedicated to God.
● Trusts in the living God.
● Is without fault and
● Is of good character.
● Seeks righteousness, and godliness.
● Seeks faith, live, patience and merkness.
And as a result, fights the good fight of faith.
● Is rich in good works.
● Committed to trusting God.

christian attitudes

● Not a recent convert.
● Been a believer from their youth.
● and Holds to the revealed truth.
● Has increasing god given understanding so that the person
● Continually studies to show God’s approval.

Christian integrity

● Instructs others how to be good servants of Jesus, along with being able to field tough questions.
● Helps people remember the important things, by feeding self and others with the words of faith and sound doctrine.
Thus, the person of faith:-
A) Partakes of and stays with the truth.
B) speaks boldly about the truth.
And C) Tells about Christ Jesus. And the promise of life that is in Jesus.

unfailing determination

● Has unfeigned faith.
● Knows the secret of God and our Faith.
● Is gently and patiently teaches.
● Knows the power of God.
● Knows the doctrines of the faith. And
● Has not ever abandoned the faith.
● Has never obeyed lying spirits.
● Rejects following deceiving spirits.


● Avoids foolish discussions.
● Is not uncritically fond of unanswered questions.
● Does not argue over words and also
● Avoids envy, strife, railings, and evil surmisings.
● Stays away from perverse disputes of men of corrupt mind.
● Stops people from being false teachers.


● Can and likes to teach.
● Masters the details of doctrine.
● Teaches the good news and
● Teaches good deeds.

and likewise is good at: Instructing others how to be a good servant of Jesus and equally important,
● Counsels the foolish who are burdened with lust
● Helps people remember important things.
● Feeds self and others with the words of faith and sound doctrine.

How a person of faith helps others.

● Offers petitions, requests, thanksgivings and prayers to God.
● Lifts up holy hands in prayer
● Prays before meals. Besides being
Attentive to reading. Exhortation, and doctrine. And
● Does not neglect the gifts of God.
● Mediates on spiritual things.

a guide to those in darkness.

● Is an example to believers.
● Is sober minded.
● and likewise, Is self controled
● Is sincere.
● Is watchful on all things.
● and similarly, Is blameless
● Is gracious and welcoming.
● Is not a drumkard
● Is not violent
● Is gentle
● Is peaceful

good and responsible steward.

A) Manages family well.
B) Has children who obey and respect.
C) Has only one wife.
D) of good character.
E) Has a wife who does not gossip.
F) Has a wife who is sober and holy on all things.
G) Instructs women to be modest, sensible and dress properly.
H) Teaches that it is Ok to marry.
I) Admits a widow over 60 to the care of the church.
J) women under 60 should marry

a beacon of faith and hope.

● Respected by people outside the church.
● Avoids profanity
● Avoids vane babbling.
● Treats elder men as fathers
● And, younger men as brothers
● Treats elder women as mothers.
● Treats younger women as sisters.
● Honors true widows.
● Works for Jesus, every way, every day.

a righteous believer.

● Has not done anything disgraceful.
● Has mot fallen into the devil’s traps.
● Does not drink much wine.
● Especially Is not greedy.
● Is not self willed
● Is a person of godly contentment.
● Content with simple food and clothing.
● Is not despised because of age.

growing in the immage of Christ.

1)Keeps self in training for a godly life.
2) Spititual exercises benefits in every way.
3)Seeks life for mow and for on the future. In addition:
A) Can be commanded and taught.
Stirs up the gifts if God.
B) Has a spirit of power, love and a sound mind.
C) Is called to be holy and has grace.
D) Keeps true to belie, ny thr powrr of the Holy Spirit.
F)Is strong in the grace that is in Jesus.

leader in truth anf justice.

● Two are need to bring charges against a minister.
● Condemns the sins of a minister before all.
● Does not agree with or approve of the sins of others.
● Keeps from preferring one over another.
● Does not do things with partiality.
● Avoids entanglement by the cares of the world.
● Does not work for dishonorable gain.
● Is purged clean of injustice and immoral behavior.
● Lawfully strives for mastery and rule.
● Has put away youthful lusts.
● Lives a manner of life consistent with their calling.
● A model of good works and faith.
● A minister- workman is worth his reward.
● Looks for the blessed hope and appearance of Jesus.

Complete self evaluation #7, in the M-2 Studies workbook.

Homework assignment.:- Select and Purchase a good study New Testament bible, hard bound, not paperbound, as this will be used throughout your ministry.

Both the new King James (PROTESTANT) and the Conferternity if Christian Doctrine (Catholic) and tge amplified bible editions are good and reliable. Lesser works like the good news for modern man are suitable for reading but introduce mis stayements about key doctrines based on denominational bias.


YOU HAVE COMPLETED Studies M-2, Person of Faith. Now proceed to studies M-7, relationship with Jesus.

Now it is God’s turn to sprinkle you with grace and blessings. Your studues are the seeds of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. God will water them and tend to their growth if you continue your studies.

As a result you will develop an intense longing for God and a general fitness of soul and body. As yiu go through your studies you will gain a sense oh humility and penitentce, abundant faith and a simplicity of soul. And much more.