,A new way to understand,Titus & the the Epistles>

Mastering the technique of personslization and clustering of thought is crucial to understanding Titus, and likewise the entire New Testament,and is First Century Christianity. The New Testament is not a rule of faith, or a book of do and do nots. However, a collection of writings that expose the thoughts and intentions of Jesus and the first century Christians. Anove all it is a vital siurce of meaning and relevance to current belief and practice.

This study is more that a superficial reading of scripture. Course NT-20, presents a technique for uncovering the meaning and relevance of the underlying thoughts, which is the key to understanding Titus.

Two ways to undetstand titus

First, and most obviou is to read the words exactly as translated and clarify obscure and difficult sections. Unfortunately, the scriptures went from the original Hebrew thoughts, to ancient Greek writings, to Roman (Latin), translations, to old English (Kimg James) versions, to modern American English works.

However, the King James and similar older translations used many now archaic words and phrases. As a resilt meaning is obscured and the force and effectiveness of the original writings is dilluted. Likewise, Some modern translations deliberately introduce denominational doctrinal bias in an attemp to justify their variance from the first century faith.

Reading for understanding

The student should take the time to read Titus from any normal protestant work. Read all three chapters, some 46 verses, with ordinary undetstanding and see if you can discern the meaning and relevanc for today’s Christian.

Many Christians study their translations so intensely that they almost, idolized the written word. Words are important. But more important. Are the thoughts, meaning, and life application relevance contained in the written words.

Overcoming evil tendencies

On the other hand, evil wants the New Testament to be presented as unintelligible, cold, liyfeless, remote, irrelevant, and as an out dated text. But you the person if faith, the servant of Jesus, need to present the glory and power of the New Testament. Reading the New Testament correctly makes the words become relevant and alive.

A new way to study

To help the student in mastering scripture, the staff of River of Life and Grace have re – phrased, personalized, simplified and amplified the entire New Testament. A sample if this work is contained in NT-20, understanding Titus. Thus the second way to read and understand Titus is to use a work that keeps the thoughts of the original writes, up dates the wording, and personalize the content without diminishing any of the meaning or relevance.
The key to undetstanding Titus

The Epistle to Titus contains material that relates to fiest century people, places, and events that are no longer of interest to present readers. But, there is a lot of relevant and meaningful information in this scripture. In the text that you are about to read, the fluff of the original letter has been eliminated and relevant information amplified and supplemented.

Personalized and refines

For example The Epistle has been personalized for today’s reader. It is as if God’s Holy Spirit were speaking directly to you. By preserving relevant information within meaningful personalized facts, the student can better understand Titus.

Above all, the edited and refined work reflects the power and authority of the Christian leader, and their relationship to their own family and to the broader assembly of believers. God’s message is then perfectly clear and relevant for today’s disciple.

Key concepts highlighted and thoughts amplified

The original letter to Titus consists of a series of loosely grouped thoughts presented without explanation or thought structure.p

But, in the version below each verse has been strengthened and reconfigured into a modern reading format, which we call an “amplified verse”. In addition, verses have been grouped together in “clusters of thoughts” which speak a single fact.

Words paining a clear picture

The focus of this study method is not in the specific details of individual words. But, in how each amplified verse fits into a cluster of thought and how each cluster of thought fits into the big picture of God’s grace. This re- write should help the student understand Titus with a high degree if proficency. But, most of all,Titus is anout Christian leadership in the fam,in the community and in the Church.

The eight clusters of thouhht are:

1), Titus 1:1 to 4, Speaks of the foundation of our faith anf presents the reasons for our relatipnship with Jesus.
2), Titus 1:5 to 9, Identifies the characteristics if effective Christian leadership.
3), Titus, 1:9 to 16, Tells of the nature if those who oppose the faith
4),Titus 2:1to 6, is an encouragement to bring out the best in people.
5), Titus 2:7 to 10, reminds the reader to do themselves, what they tell others to do.
6) Titus 2:12 to 15, clarifies the work of the spiritual leader.
7), Titus 3:1 to 7, explains the duties of those who do the work of Jesus.
8) Titus 3:8 to 15, states the importance of putting faith into action.
Thus, undetstanding Titus is easier when the underlying meaning is brought to the surface and polished.

Understanding Titus for edification.

OVERVIEW:- Paul was conveying to Titus ( and you today), that leadership accomplishes God’s will by protecting those who believe and bringing out the best in their belief. Then, the work of Jesus is accomplished when faith is put into action abd when others are led into service.


Titus 1:1 to 4, Speaks of the foundation of our faith anf presents the reasons for our relatipnship with Jesus.

Jesus and the dusciple

verse #1,when we understand Titus we undetstand that all disciples are servants of Jesus. Therefore, our duty is to hold fast to the faith of God’s elect and to all the truths which produce godliness. We all have a duty to be good stewards of Jesus, and do the work as apostles for Jesus.

Verse 2, God has chosen us to continue the work of Jesus. As a result, God has given us the opportunity to have faith in the hope of eternal life and to tell others the Good News of salvation. The same eternal life that was promised before creation. Jesus is the means by which God’s plan is in effect today

Grace and performance

Verse 3, Disciples have a duty to continue the work of Jesus. We are to tell all non believers about God’s plan to restore mankind to intimate union with the father, through Jesus. We are to spread the faith, give people hope, and show God’s love.

Verse 4, God gives grace, mercy and peace to those who obey the commands of Jesus. Thetefore, we have been given the grace to speak God’s will, and the power to tell others about the Kingdom of Jesus. Then God’s river of grace and life will flow from the throne of God to us because of the work of Jesus.

A working inter-relatipnship

When we understand Titus we undetstand that each disciple has a working relationship with God, through Jesus. As a result, that includes bringing other people in to union with God. We execute that duty by making known the Good News through preaching and speaking to others. Silence is not an option.

Effective Leadership


TITUS 1;5-9, identifies the characteristics of an effective leader.
Verse 5, In order to do the work that Jesus commanded we are to unite with other members. We are to put everything in functional order and establish local congregations headed by strong, holy ,and responsible leaders who speak Godly truth, which is our pure faith. For those who hold to the pure faith everything is pure.

Verse 6, Those who lead in the work of Jesus must be responsible. , and has shown responsibility by remaining blameless, and not having caused problems that they could be blamed for.

For instance the steward of God’s body is holy and faithful and has shown this by being married to one wife, till death do you part.

Likewise, a strong leader has shown strength and understanding by having faithful children that have. Ever been accused of rioting or being unruly.

Leading in Faith

Verse 7, When we understand Titus we undetstand that a leader or person of faith is the steward and protector of God’s most precious possessions, the people of faith who are intimately united to Jesus. A leader seeks the best interest of those who are loved by God.

The leader and person of God in not self willed and does not do what they want, but must do what is necessary for the well being of tbe people. Most omportantly, The body of Christ must exist in peace and harmony. Thetefore, the leader must not get angry or have judgement impaired by drinking too much wine. And most assuredly not someone who goes on the attack or wirks for dishonest gain.

Verse 9, The leader and person of faith are the one’s who hold fast to sound doctrines and are in harmony with the graces of God. They empower and facilitate the body to stand firm in faith. They exhort those who deny the faith and contradict God’s truths, so that unbelievers may come to repentance and be saved.

lead ehen opposed

Cluster #3,

Titus 1:10 – 16, tells of those who oppose the faith.

Verse 11, Deceivers work to gain dishonest money from the unsuspecting by speaking to worldly and itchy ears. They coerce, contrive and lead people onto the bondage of deceptions by speaking against the simplicity of the light of truth that is in Christ Jesus. They say things which are contrary to God. If they continue un stopped, whole households will fall into their traps.

Verses 12 and 13, When we understand Titus we undetstand that a person of faith must rebuke deceivers sharpley, reprimand them severel and beat them down onto submission of the truth. Hopefully, that deceivers will come to realize their errors, submit to the truth of God, and become sound in faith.

lead for truth

Verse 15, Those who are deceived are also defiled their mind and conscience are fill of unbelief and are worth nothing in the eyes of God.

Verse 16, Deceivers cover their wicked actions by professing to know God. Their wicked actions deny the true God. Everything they do is contrary to the will of God and is done to deny God. They do abominable and terrible things. They are so very bad that they cause moral revulsion, detest, and loathing in those who know the truth.

Deceivers are disobedient . The works that they do are acts of disobedience and n0ot worth copying. In othewords their works are so bad as not to have any value. Stay away from deceivers.

Lead to victory

Cluster #4,

Titus chapter 2, Verses 1 to 6, bring out the best in people.

Verse 1, When we understand Titus we undetstand that a leader and people of faith speak only about goodness. and the benefits of sound undetstanding and doctrines of belief. For example, a Christian avoids religious conjecture that is not in accordance with the teachings of Christ and the beliefs of the first century disciples. Anything other than contradicts the understanding of the fundamental doctrines of the apostles is religious babbling, the teachings of men, and the deceptions of evil.

Christian leadership

Verse 2:2, A Christian treats others with Christian honor. Elderly men are proven persons of faith and should be respected as a father. In other words, they have a sense of reserve piety and honor. Elderly men can be good role 0kn models if they excell on love and patience. They can teach others how to be prudent and sound in faith.

Verse 2:4, A christian respects elderly women as their own mother, because an elderly woman has proven their faith, love, and hope by the way they live. They can be role models of holy behavior if they avoid slanderous speech and avoid becoming a slave to too much wine.

Respect the elderly

Verse 2:4, Older women can teach younger women, how to be wise, how to love their husbands and children, and how to make peace and happiness happen. As a result, they have a divinely appointed duty to role model how Christianity is practiced on the home. They are responsible to show others how peace is made by peacemakers, how seeds of happiness are planted in the garden of love, and how love and caring can abound in all areas of the home.

verse 2:5, Older women can operate independently and automatically on doing God’s will. As a result, God is pleased when,the home is ruled by a woman who is able to accomplish
God’s will. Such a woman is gentle, mild, kind, and obedient to husband. Then there is no opportunity for the word of God to be reviled. This kind of love prevents a lot of evil from entering onto a home.

instruct yiung men to be men

The people of faith teaches younger men to be self controled, to be leaders of their own households in matters if faith, love, kindness, mercy, virtue,temperance, righteousness, strength, and honor.

Cluster #5,

PERIOD Titus 2:7 to 10, do yourself what you tell others what to do.

Lead with integrity

Verse 2:7, When we understand Titus we undetstande that a christian is both a talker and a doer of the faith. A Christian matches their actions with what they believe and what they say. And, a true believer is pious and holy from within in all things. They show themselves to others as examples of good works of love, faith and hope.

In other words, we are people of integrity as our actions match our thoughts and words. Christian values permeates all those around and fills everythong done.

speaks like Jesus

Verse 2;8, A christian, controls their speech and does not say anything that is meaningless or irrelevant. Therefore, we praise God by actions and speech. The words of true believers are sound and blameless. They give glory to the God of truth.

Anove all, God gives good and right utterance that is effective and powerful on touching the hearts of others. Then critics will have nothing bad to say about our faith.

when we understand Titus we undetstand a person of faith realize that standards matter.

lead the way to heaven

Verse 2:9, A christian has visible and discernable standards and expects everyone else to adhere to the same standards of integrity and service. All must work as if they ate serving a higher power.

Verse 2:10, Christians trust God’s providence and teach others to trust God in the same manner. God has a flow of good gifts, grace, and blessings. Not trusting God for every day gifts leads a person to pilfering by taking things of little value. A person of faith avoids anything that would detract from the glory of God.

Titus 2:12 – 15, The work of the spiritual leader,

Leadership duties

Verse 2:11, A person of faith helps others to remember that the grace of God has appeared to all people. As a rest, Jesus has come and remains with us to indwell in us. The Holy Spirit has come, remains in us and indwells in us. Thus, remembering Christ’s in dwelling produces powerful faith. The in dwelling Holy Spirit gives bothe life and the hope of good things to come.

Understanding Titus helps us remember the important things of our faith.. In doing so we are brought closer to God and better able to reject un godliness and worldly lusts. Thetefore, God supplies the person of faith with the fruits of the Spirit which includes: the desire to live in moderation, righteously and piously in all faith, goodness and truth.

Verse 2:13, The person of faith has a greater duty to help the other members of the body develop the strength, wisdom, and the faith to be ready for judgement day. As a result, the disciple has two relatipnship with Jesus, the first is the waiting for Jesus our savior. And the second is our dependency is on Jesus, the great God of our faith, for every good gift.

The work of Jesus

Verse 2:14, Jesus sacrificed himself for our benefit and redeemed us from dead works of iniquity, injustice, and immoral behavior. This is the work if Jesus and our work also. Jesus has cleansed us and made us a people who pursue good works of righteousness, faith, love, godliness and hope.uh

Verse 2:15, Thus, the person of faith, performs works of power, might, and authority in tbe name of Jesus. As a result these please God. Thus, actively or passively support those who actively do the work of Jesus, is fundamental to our faith.

working for God

Cluster #7,

Titus 3: 1 to 7, The duties of the disciple in doing the work of Jesus.

Verse 3:1, The person of faith submits to God. Thus, the disciple is a role model of how the work of Jesus is to be accomplished. Those who do God’s work must not be proud, self willed, or rebellious.

Laborers of Jesus, are respectful of even earyhly rulers. A good earthly ruler provides order and tranquility, which is of great value to God. Even local rulers have the God given power and authority to give orders and enforce obedience. The discipline of obeying earthly commands better prepares a disciple for every good work.

holiness required

Verse 3:2, The person of faith lives a good and holy life. in moderation and mildeness. The dusciple does not speak evil if anyone and certainly does not quarrel.

Verse 3:3,. A disciple will encounter many people who are unwise and unbelieving, who have gone astray, and who are slaves to various lusts and pleasures. Such people live in malice and envy. They are hateful and hate one another. Therefore, take due care as their negative attitudes could become part of the way of your life. Do mot approve of their evil ways.

observe to protect

The work of the disciple includes teaching others how to be wise, how to maintain belief, how to stay on course for eternal life, and how to overcome sin.

As a result, tbe disciple stays away from people who work to splinter and divide the body of Christ. Such choose to sin and are self condemned.

Grow and change

Verse 3:4, Everything changed when Jesus called us to faith. Jesus showed us the way to a good and kind God. This is why we strove to understand Titus.

Verse 3:5, We are changed and transformed by the mercy of God. Every disciple was saved through water baptism for our regeneration and our renewal was acomplished ny baptism with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit helps

God’s Holy Spirit is poured out on us through Jesus. The disciple can enjoy the in dwelling of the Spirit. Anove all, the Spirit helps us maintain an intimate relatipnship with Jesus. Jesus Christ is our savior. We then can have an intimate relatipnship withe Jesus, and the Holy Spirit can freely dwell in us.

Verse 3:7, Christ’s grace justifies us. We are made heirs with Jesus in the hope of receiving eternal life.

Cluster #8,

Titus 3:8 to15 The importance of putting faith in action.

Faith and action

Verse 3:8, Faith is dead and unproductine without works of love and brotherly kindness. However, works of personal piety and religious practice are not meritorious in them self. In other words, belief in God requires commitment of action. As a resilt, sincere belief powers good works of brotherly kindness and love.

Verse 3:9, Avoid things that are useless and futile, as they produce no useful results and a pointless. Disviples avoid foolish controversies over trivial matters.

Controls evil influences

Verse 3:10, Likewise a disciple wastes no time on people eho cause factions. Those who seek to snare a disciple into wasting time and effort are fractious people. For instance their goal is to satisfy their own ego, and splinter to body of Christ.

Verse 11, Understand this,.anyone who deliberately tries to splinter and divide the body of Christ is perverted and sins by their own choosing. They are self condemned ny their own choices and actions.

In other words, all disciples must keep watch over themselves and others. And advise all to stay with the simple truth that is in Jesus.
< h6> To Do good

Verse 3:12 to 15, Take every opportunity to learn how to excell in good works, so that you will be spiritually fruitful. Thetefore, give everyone an opportunity to be productive and fruitful.

Thus, the student can understand Titus and observe that scriptures can be made clear, meaningful, and relevant. The writings then speak withe the voice of Jesus.

Self evaluation #12.

A writing exercise.
There are three relationship statements contained in Titus.
1) We are waiting for our savior Jesus.
2) our dependency is on Jesus, the great God of our faith.
3) Jesus Christ is our savior.
Write one complete, coherent and meaningful sentence for each of the three relatipnship statements, and include Jesus and the complete relatilnship statement in each sentence. Place sentences on the self evaluation #12 sheet in the studies work book.
End of NT-20, Undetstanding Titis.

End Note:

The goal of undetsanding Titus is to alert the student that scripture can be:
● made alive
● personalised
● rewritten
● rephrased
● grouped into logical clustets
● polished
● obscure terms changed
● clarified
● and made relevant

Then the stident has the power to speak with the voice of Jesus as an oracle of God.

Proceed to your next study course NT-2, Second Corinthians.