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RIVER of GRACE and LIFE.high chrasmatic church, Loganville, Ga.Is the source of God’s Holy Spirit power.


MEMBER Independent Old Catholiv Church
Apostolic power and authority.

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What is the River of Grace and Life?

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Holt Spirit powered

The term High Charismaticis a description of an individual or church group that worships the Holy Spirit of God as an integral part of the three part divine mass/worship service. As the Nicene creed states ” The Holy Spirit is no less adored and glorified. A high charismatic, places God’s Holy Spirit on the highest pedestal of worship aling withthat God, our father and Jesus, God’s only begotten Son.
There are some denominations that litteraly disown the power and presence of God’s Spirit. While others, infrequently mention the name “Holy Spirit” and direct adoration and glory away from God’s Spirit. And there are some, who call themselves Chatssmstic and/or Pentecostal but show no signs of siprit, or at best only faked signs and wonders. Such are Pentecostal in name only.

God’s power and presence

The true charasmatic worships the Holy Spirit constantly all day and especially at every worship service. The power and presence of God’s Holy Spirit can be felt by all. God’s presence is exhilarating and a truly wonderful encounter woth God.
As a resuly, the disciple of today can experience all power and authority that the first century Christians experienced. God’s supernatural gifts of the spirit, and the fruits of the spirit flow in the river of grace that waters the tree of life. And accordongly we can eat of that fruit because of our relationship with God’s Holy Spirit.
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What is the Independent Old Catholic Church (IOCC)?

The Independent Old Catholic Church is one of the international branches of Christianity, that has as its roots, a direct connection to the Apostles of Jesus Christ. And as a result, the Independent Old Catholic Church is connected to Christ by a continous lineage of empowered priests (servant-ministers of Jesus) who passed on the gifts of ordination through the imposing of hands during the sacrament of ordination.
Christ is the fertile “soil” which provides the grace, power, and authority, that is necessary component of all true branches of the Christian faith.


In order to maintain this connection, there can be no breaks or disconnects between the first century teachings and practices of the early Christians and today’s beliefs and,practices. Nothing can be added, taken away, or forgotten.

The Independent Old Cathholic Church maintains theological and practical purity of belief and practices. Therefore, the River of God’s Grace and Life flows freely as we practice the secret of God, in spirit and in truth.

The qualities of the church

Thus, the branch of Christianity is called the IOCC for the following reasons:
●The IOCC is Independent of the whims and deceptions of men. We are subject only to Christ Jesus, our head of the body.
●Tbe IOCC is old, because it remains true, pure, and unconruppted since the first century.
● In addition, the IOCC IS UNIVERSAL (CATHOLIC) because it has remained true to the first faith and kept its direct connection to Jesus and the Apostles.There is one body of Christ and that one body has many members. The IOCC is the point if connection of one of those members.

part of the body of christ

●,The IOCC is a church, the assemblage of members of Christ’s body. And, thus connects each member to the life giving sustenance of heavenly food and drink.
● And most of all, the IOCC exists to deliver to the people all the grace, blessings, and good gifts that members of Christ’s body desetve. Therefore, the works of power and authority done by IOCC ministers, keeps the river of grace flowing.
●The IOCC empowers members to be active stewards of Jesus and speak sound doctrines and pure teachings.
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•Have a total encounter with God.
•Grow in righteousness.
•Have a relationship with Jesus.
•Become a profitable servant of Jesus.
•Be blessed every day.

Accept no substitutes. There are others who call them selves the iocc. But they have lost their connection to the first century church called catholic.

open membership

Membership in the Independent Old Catholic Church is open to all who have a clean and open heart and are willing to learn and grow.
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●Free membership
●Free training
● Yes and Free New Testament studies
●Free,ordination preparations studies. (APPROVAL REQUIRED.)
● for more infornation see webpage ORDINATION.
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What is Apostolic power and authority?

Power from Jesus

Jesus Christ gave the apostles seven powers so that they could behgin to finish the same work that Jesus came to do. In like manner, the original apostles, gave those powers, to their successors by the laying on of hand.
This transfer of power and authority be the imposing of hands is one of the Fundamental docttines of the first century church listed in the New Testament.

Diminished understanding

Over the years, people’s understanding of Apostolic power and authority has been diminished and in some denominations that power and authority is non existent. As people moved away from the faith of the first century disciples, their faith grew cold and weak. Likewise, as the departed from the first century faith theyo disowned the authority that Jesus gave to the disciples.

Apostolic authority

Now lack power and authority

Today thete are many church groups ( denominations) lack such authority. They do not bless their menbers. And above all other concerns, they let evil walk all over their members and the children. Such should not be the case.

Apostolic authority is the Jesus given right to take charge of a situation, dispel darkness, and provide the light of God’s glory.
The problem with today’s disciples is not the lack of aithority, but the understanding that godly authority can and must be used regularly in all aspects of life.

The Seven Powers

Jesus while he was on earth, gave his disciples the power and authority to open the flood gates of God’s grace.
Jesus gave:
1) the powew to open the people’s eyes to tbe kingdom through water baptism. And allow them to enter into the kindom by baptizing them with the Holy Spirit.
2) the power to forgive sins and grant absolution.
3) the power to bring Christ’s body and blood down from heaven and deliver it to the people so that they can receive this heavenly gift.
4) And even,the power and authority to bind in Holy Matrimony.
5) The power to loosen from the bonds of evil and darkness.and intercede for others.
6) the power to strengthen faith and share belief, by imparting an abundance of God’s Holy Spirit.
7) as well as, the power to call others to ministry and service.

Apostolic power and authority today

God’s gift of power and authority has not diminished and is still full effect today. However, tapping intothe power and authority of Jesus, requires faith, and a dieect conncetion to Jesus, through the omposing of hands.

Lastly, this is something that evil workers do not want you to know, that God’s power and authority covers every aspect of life, from birth to death. And that the graces and hood gifts that come with God’s power and authority flow constantly through out the life span of the disciple. Power and authority is available to those who ask.

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What is Independent Autocephalous and free of earthly rile?

From the very beginning of the Christian faith, believers met in unison to celebrate the body and blood of Jesus. As the disviple dispursed and spread, local leadership and oversight was established by each congregation.

Local oversight and supervision

Each group of believers, understood that Jesus was the head of the body and the Holy Spirit of God guided them in all truth. Consequently, each congregation worked diligently to remain connected to Jesus and allowed nothing to come between them and Jesus. The first century faith remained pure and uncorrupted.

As it was in the beginning

Each church group was headed by an overseer, the presiding minister and priest of their Holy Communion service. Above all, the overseer had the full power and authority of Jesus and could continue the full work of Jesus. Pride, arrogance, and rebellion was unknown. Rather, the bod of christ abounded in love, compassion and understanding.

The work of the overseer

Overseers, understood that their job was to keep the congregatipn intimately connected to Jesus. The faith remined pure, simple, and undefined.Thus each cluster of the body of Christ, remained independent anf free of external controls, especially patriarchal authority.

About the overseer

Thus, each assembly of believers had its own overseer. Overtime the overseer eas called a bishop ( another word for overseer) who retained the full authority and power of Jesus. There was no distinction of rank, superiority, or inferiority. And, each part of the body of Christ remained in full union with other parts of one body,with one head Jesus whole retaining self rule and oversight

Divine rule and judge

The local body of Christ is not self legislated or self adjudicated. Christ is the only legislator and the Holy Spirit the only adjudicator. The body is not subject to any earthly rule or songular head other than Christ alone. For this purpose, the power of oversight, along with the power and authority to continue the work of Jedus is vested in every overseer. The grace of church rule is given by the layong on of hands (ordination) during what we call today, the sacrament of Holy Orders.

The quest to remain pure and undefiled

Purity of faith had bern attacked by strong, power hungry,corrupt leaders. Such have mandated beliefs and practices that are at odds with the first faith and the commands of Jesus as found in the Nee Testament. Corrupt leaders are but blind sinful rebellious guides who have the goal of leading many away from the simple truth anf into pits of darkness and sin. Consequently such a leader can lead an entire denominatipn into error, sin, apostasy and heresy.

Remain free and acceptable to God

Overseers who remained in the light of God, and true to the first century faith, have invoked the right to autocephalous rule. Thus, are independent of corruptions of the faith. Besides, those who hold to the first century faith hsve not abandoned or renounced any teachings of Jesus or practices of the apostles. Moreover, they have not accepted any new revelations or mystical pronouncements that are contrary the the first century faith.

Pute and true believers

Eternal life is the reward of those who have not fallen into pits of unbelief. Nor have they abandoned the simple truth of Jesus. Above all. They have not lost the knowledge of the secret of God. True believers keep intimatedly united with Jedus
They are free from corruption and sin brought on my man created traditipns, false beliefs, and the doctrines of devils. All in all, we serve Jesus and him alone.
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What is first century pure faith?

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What is contemporary liturgy?
Jesus spoke to the people in simple to understand common words. in like fashion, Jesus explained heavenly concepts using earthly analogies and comparisons. People who were open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit cound discern the spiritual message being delivered. On the otherhand, those where far from the Spirit of God, could not see or hear the heavenly message being spoken. They were deaf and blind to divine truths.

The cure

A believer must have a soft accepting heart, eyes that can see spiritual things, and rears that can hear the voice of Jesus, speaking of heavenly things. Thus, contemporary liturgy returns worship to a pristine, first century state, that opens the mind to the hidden heavenly truths, softens hard hearts to receive grace and blessings, and gives the people the vision to see the simplicity and power of the first century faith.

Clarity, meaning, and relevance.

Contemporary liturgy is a concious effort to provide worshipers with tge best, most meaningful, and relevant experience possible. Everything is made clear, in ficus and understandable so that no member of the body is lost becaus of lack of understandong. The messages is wrapped in participant chosen contemporary song. Meaning is amplified by spirit filled teachings, and backed up by coordinated scripture readings, blessings and commentary.

The contemporary way

The traditional liturgy is full of obscure and antiquated words and phrases that describe specific theological points. Anything what woukd obscure understanding has bern replaced with contemporary, conversational English equivalents. Thus, the people are fed spiritual truths in a meaningful and relevant context. Furthermore, they receive divone wisdom as they prepare to encounter God, and intimately unite with Jesus. The power, presence and warmth of the Holy Spirit can be felt. Everthing is done for the benefit of the people and not for the the maintenance of some old and cold medieval tradition.

Strengthening the experience

For this purpose, the contemporary liturgy is uplifting, joyous and educatipnal. The purity and simplicity of the first century faith is accentuated and unnecessary past traditions are diminished. God is encountered on meaning and relevance. Thus each worshipper can gove a clean and strong heart to Jesus. Similarly, the indwelling Holy Spirit of God is no less adored and glorified.

Part of full encounter worship

The body od Christ needs to be edified and uplifted. Thus contemporary liturgy is one building block of a full encounter worship service, which provides for and maintains a close and intimate encounter with the source if eternal life. For more detains see the full encounter worship section which follows.
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What is full encounter worship?

In the first century, worship was not as rigid, formalized, lifeless as it is today. During the early days of the faith, God was encountered on many levels and in diverse ways. Overtime, the life of the Holy Spirit was squeezed out, and replaced by rituals, repetitious acts, and abbreviated efforts.Total encounter worship is a restoration of what was lost.

God can be and is encountered by the mind, heart, and the spirit of a believer. Thus, worship in order to be effective and fulfilling must satisfy the needs of these three areas of spirituality.

Three part worship service

Total encounter worship begins with an hour of New Testament, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, in-depth studies. During these studies, meaning is uncovered, and the relevancy of each verse is explained. The mind encounters God through the a deep understanding of the writted scriptures.

The next hour of worship is where the heart encounters God, through ritual prayers and select scripture readings and reception of the body and blood of Jesus.

The last hour of worship is full of joyous songs and chanting. Shouts of praise and glory are common. The people are free to express the happiness and gratitude for being intimatedly united with Jesus. God remaons with them as they receive a final blessing and depart for theor homes.

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Teaching all the principles of Christianity

A Christian must know what they are to do in order to be profitable and productive. Teachers of evil do not want a disciple to know that there are over 1,000 principles in the New Testament that are the building blocks of a full and solid relationship with Jesus.

Traditional scripture studies focus on words and verses, but fail to see the significance of the underlying principles of Christianity. Yes. The principles of Christianity can be studied and understood. Knowing the principles adds meaning and relevance to Christian life.

Beyond the obvious, the New Testament is full of relevant facts and propositions of truth and as guides to living according to God’s will. These principles are the foundation of a Christian belief system that they can not be ignored or diminished. Besides these pronciples are necessary to understand God our Father, Jesus snd the Holy Spirit. Ignorance of the principles weakens our relatipnship with God.

Study the principles

The pronciples of Christianity are part of a practices and reasoning that stretches from God in heaven to the daily guidance of God’s indwelling Holy Spirit. Thus, the principles help a disciple live righteously in love and in perfect union with Jesus. Likewise, the principles are the keys to morally corect Christian behavior and a vibrant Christian attitude.
The Christian principles are statements that define the findamental essence of what it means to be Christian. And beyond that, they are statements of our relatipnship with God, God’s will and God’s Holy Spirit.

True to the first century faith

Generally, the principles are the doctrinal statements of first century faith are derived. The principle are to numerous to be listed here, but can be studied in courses,
● M-18 Elementary principles of Christianity.
● M -18a The basic principles if Christianity.
●M-18b Intermediate principles of Christianity
●M-18c, Some final Christian principles
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Free on line studies

What pre ordination studies are available?
The River of Grace and Life is an online, free non credit source for pre ordination and continuing professional development studies. Courses are open to all world wide (sorry, only English is currently available.)

Hence, 26 indepth, New Testament ministry level studies are available. These courses cover the important aspects of ministering as a first century apostle. The studues are focused on the skills and techniques thst are necessary to deliver a complete understanding of the first century faith to the faithful. Especially, the courses teach the what, why, and how to live as a first century child of God.

Ordination studies are available

The ministry courses are:
• M-1, Starting a ministry.
• M-2, Person of faith,self inventory
• M-3, Grace of Ordination.
• M-4, Mystery of Worship.
•M-5, Spritual sermon,inspired speech

guidance and mentorship provided to honest and forthright students.

• M-6, Practices of the deacon.
• M-7, Relationship with Jesus.
• M-8, Christ’s teachings and illustrations,
• M-9 Understanding faith, hope, love
• M-10, understanding righteousness
• M-11, teaching the liturgy
• M-12, Managing spiritual assets.

post ordination counsel and support poovided upon request

• M-13, Total encounter worship
• M-14, Teaching with a passion
• M-15, Matrimony living the mystery
• M-16, Contending for the Faith
• M-17, reserved
• M-18, Principles of Christianity
• M-18a, more Christian principles
• M-18b, foundational principles
• M-19, Prayer and Blessing

Continuing education and professional development studies are also available

• M-20, First century Christianity
• M-21, Power and authority
• M-22, Understanding Baptism
• M-23, Understanding Holy Martimony
• M-24, intercession,extreme unction
• M-25, Forgiveness of sin
• M-26, Body and blood of Jesus.

In addition to ministry studues there are 20 New Testament study courses.
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Free New Testament studies

The full new testament beliefs and practices.
River of Grace and Life offers a series of 18 New Testament study courses, free to interested students. The courses are designed to help tge student understand the meaning and relevance of the entire New Testament.
Difficult to understand verses have been rephraised to imcrease understandind. Beyond that the impersonal old text has been personalized in modern conversatiomal english. Complex thoights have been simplified. In addition, unclear meanings have been amplified to present meaningful and relevant thoightd. Archaic wording gas been reaced by updated words with comparable meanings.

Builds confidence and understanding

The studen can now approach the first century faith with all the confidence and reassurance like that of a first century apostle.

The following rephrased, simplified, and personalized New Testament studies are availabl online through this website:
• NT-20, Understanding Titus.
• NT-1, The first faith in Corenth.
• NT-2, Corinthians 2.
• NT-3, The beliefs of the Colossians
• NT-4, Philippians Christianity
• NT-5, Faith in Thesolonica
• NT-6, Faith of the Ephesians.
• NT-7, John’s good news
• NT-8, Christianity in Rome
• NT-10, Philehemon & brotherly love
• NT-11. Hebrews, faith’s foundation.
• NT-12, James, the pure faith.
• NT-14, John 1, 2, & 3
• NT-15, instruction if faith, Jude
• NT-16, Three good news cast
• NT-17, Revelation revealed
• NT-18, Acts study in evangelization
• NT-19, Faith explained Timothy 1&2

A First Century indetstanding

A disciple must filly inderstand what the first century faith was like because, the faith that is practiced today is much different in form and function , in belief and practice that that of the first century Christians. The simplicity of the first century faith has been supercerded by rigid church laws and requirement. Also there was only love and forgiveness and not cannon lawyers and ecclesiastical courts.

In addition, the beauty and wisdom of the indwelling Holy Spirit was replaced by cold rigid rituals and endless repetitions of the same few prayers. Accordingly, faith was limited to a few “approved” topics, and the fullness of the New Testament was ignored.

Life giving inderstanding

People were kept in the dark as churches, withheld crucial life giving understanding of what the New Testament actually required of a disciple. The real spiritual food and drink of Christ’s body and blood was truncated to the bread only.

The warmth of God’s indwelling Holy Spirit was squeezed out In favor of other forms of adoration and glory. The state of some churches de lined so severely that they now profess a heavenly queen who can mediate all grace. Nice try satan, but scripture says otherwise.

the penalty for not understanding scriptures

Those who do not understand scripture are lost to darkness. Unbelief puts a bushel over the light of scripture. But we are hungry for the words of instruction and truth that captained in the New testament. And strove to read the truth as it was understood by the first century Christians.
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What does successor to the Apostles mean?
Realistically, not every minister nor denomination could trace their lineage back to Christ and the Apostles. if they were the same they would all be teaching tbe same thing, and having similar practices. Unfortunately, there are many who have little on common.

The power and authority that Christ gave to the Apostles dod not die iyt with the last of thr apostles, but continues through today. The work of Jesus, continues and we are commissioned to continue that work. Thus, we have tbe same compulsion for service, the same power and authority for service, and the same tools to achieve God’s will as was given to Jesus.

Previous workers of darkness

Unfortunately, history is full of leaders who developed their own brand christian thought and created cult like followings. The same thing is happening today, as people put their own “revelations” above God. They are apostles of deception, false prophets, lyong spirits, and workers of evil. Woe to those who depart from the faith as established by Jesus.

A lineage for Christ

A successor to the apostle has not broken from the true faith and is not a apostate or a heretic. A successor knows and practices the secret of God and lives according to the commands of Jesus. And most important. The modern day successor to the Apostles are in Jesus in the same way as the first century apostles.
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What are grace giving practices?

Grace and more Grace

All encompassing love

God’s care and love is manifest as freely gives and unearned grace. However, grace is not one good unmerrited gift from God. God us not stingey nor uncaring. Generally, God wants the best for his “adopted” children. And the blessings of God’s grace flow all through the life of a disciple. Grace is not one thing but everything necessary for our health, happiness and eternal life.
God gives good gifts to tbose who ask. And God’s grace is available even befor a disciple knows that such grace is needed.

Grace is there when needed

One of the misunderstood elements of Christian faith and practice is that of the grace to believe. Yes faith is the foundatipn on which our relatipnship with Jesus is built. But that relationship, grows, develops and matures throughout a person’s life. At every important step in our journey to our reward, God’s grace is there to provide what is needed for present and future spiritual needs.

Pious practices are not grace giving

Some in the past have fallen into the pit of darkness, by believing that pious practices can earn grace. Pious practices are good because they keep us focused on God. And that of itself has merrit and value. Pious practices are what a person does because of the love for God.

Pious practices are not necessary for salvation but shure help kerp a smile of contentment as days go along. There is nothing wrong with keeping the mind focused on God. Hope is of tge mind. Nor the spirit beng thankful for an intimate union with Jesus.

The problem with pious practices

Pious practices push out thoughts if temptation and do many other beneficial similar things. There is an old saying “idle hands do the devil’s work”. Similarly the same is true about the mind and the spirit.
Above all it must be noted, that pious works do not earn grace or stire up treasures in heaven. They are for the here and now.

Grace giving practices

There are certain things that a person can do which cooperated with God’s will and provide for the ongoing flow of grace.


the faith to be baptized with water and Spirit opens the eyes of the mind so that a believer can see and enter the kingdom. As a result if baptism, the disciple can discern and appreciate spiritual things throughout their life.

repentance and absolution

The faith to admit prior failings

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Living with the Holy Spirit

What is Holy Spirit power.
Jesus gave the Holy Spirit of God to us for two reasons. The first is as a proof if our faith, that God had originally planned for mankind to be intimately united with God. God took his Holy Spirit and breathed into Adam and Adam became a living being. When Adam sinned the Holy Spirit departed and Adam died to God that day. Christianity is the restoration of that lost life. Thank you Jesus for giving us new and abundant life.
The proof of our faith is the presence of the Holy Spirit which can be sensed by spiritual means and which can be observed as it is manifest in daily living.

The Holy Spirit of God dwells in us for two reasons. The first is so that we can live as a Christian should live. The Holy Spirit, goves us good gifts from God so that we can relate properly and godly to others and the world. Hence, these good fifts are called the fruits of the Spirit.

Source if fruits & gifts

The second reason why we are given God’s holy spirit is so that a disciple can correctly perceive and see the spiritual forces at work all around. These powers are the good gifts of God, givrn so that didciples cam live powerful christian lives
The gifts of power for daily living are called the gifts of the Holy spirit.

Christianity starts with God given faith and rapidly develops into an engine of performance and spiritual profitability through the workings of the Holy Spirit.

Thus, the presence if God’s Holy Spirit is proof positive of the validity and effectiveness of Christianity. These fruits and gifts of the Spirit, are available to all disciples who are willing to accept and use the power that comes with these fruits and gifts. As a result, the Holy Spirit is manifest in specific and discernible ways as a sign to all. This is what we call Holy Spirit Power.

Given for our benefit

Secondly, Jesus gave the Holy Spirit for our benefit so that we can be strong in faith, consistent in hope, and powerful in love. The Spirit brings powerful defensive tools which work to keep us away from evil and full united with God. Tbe gifts and fruits of tbe Holy Spirit are desirable spiritual assets. Holy spirit power is proof positive of our faith.

The benefits of a relatipnship with the Holy Spirit of God is so powerful and beneficial that Satan,has little chance of success. Except if evil can convince, those of little faith, that Christ’s gift of God’s Holy Spirit ended after the first century, and is not for today’s believers. Hence, if a disciple lacks the Holy Spirit then it is very easey for Satan to take the disciple into the bondage of darkness.

Indwelling Holy Spirit

Fortunately for us, the Holy Spirit is alive and active. The Spirit is available to those who seek, knock, and ask. And most importantly, the Spitit that we have is the same Holy Spirit that was given to the disciples at Pentecost. The Holy Spirit poeer is the same gift of God that is given from disciple to disciple by the laying on of hands.

Furthermore, the Spirit of God does more than reside is us. The Spitit actively gives access to God’s supernatural power and authority. God is that loving, careing, and thoughtful that we have the same power and authority as the first century Christians.

necessary gifts

Accordingly, the Spirit of God brings abundant faith, and allows us to tap into divine understanding and knowledge. We have the ability to be wise, and speak the will of God as prophecy. The spirit guides the disciple through life’s choices by providing a capacity to discern spirits, and do almost impossible works that some would call near miracles.

In additipn Holy Spirit power, is the ability to speak to God and angels on a heavenly language, and to be able to interpret what is said to others for there edification. All in all, the Holy Spirit also brings gifts of healing and restoration.]

Accordingly, those who are not backed up by the power of the Holy Spirit are not living to their fill potential. Such lack spiritual strength and are more susceptible to evil.

Indwelling protector >/h5>

God does not want us to be taken captive by evil. Thus, the Holy Spirit, brings to us the ability to have strong faith, that is backed by all kinds of virtue. Our fortress agains evil is knowledge which brings the light if God and the ability to wage a sucessful defense through self control. The Holy Spirit is the power that supplies us with the patience to live in godliness as we show brotherly kindness and perfect love.
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Additional questions:-

1) What is an online free seminary.
First, a seminary is a school of religious education that trains future ministers/priests in the art of ministering the gospel to the people.

Second, this is the age of online education and training.
Thirdly, traditional post 1500’s seminary education uses text books, mentors, and a ridgid program of studies to teach the basics of priesthood and ministry.

Today’s disciples meed a source for free, unbiased, comprehensive, forst century understanding of thr New Testament. Too often traditional brick add mortar seminaries pitch a denominations slant on Christ’s teachings and the relevancy of the first century faith. Denominations exist because of biased “interpretations” of their own versions of the faith colored by the teachings of their founders. A repeated deception pudhes out the truth and darkness works tho shut out light.

Free on line studies

The River of Grace and Life online seminary is a comprehensive retelling of the un-corrupted first century faith in modern conversational english. It is as if, the apostles are speaking to you today. Likewise, the courses are free of religious jargon, and undefined terms. The key elements that a disciple must know are clearly and unequivocally presented. Also, for clarity, the historical elements, ( the when, where, and with who) have been edited out. Thus, the seminary studies are a no frills, simplified, and clarified re-phrasing, of the meaning and message as understood by the first century christians.

Thus, River of Grace and,Life, has distilled the necessary education into a self paced, digital, distance learning experience. The rigidness of the old way to do thongs has been replaced by the freedom to experience the best and most focused relevant pre ordinatipn studies from the comfort of your own home.

Simplified for easy study

In addition, our education materials have been reformatted, simplified, and reworked to be consistently understandable, and effective in presenting vital religious training. The what, how, and why of first century belief and practices has been preserved without unnecessary jargon or overly elaborate and meaningless words.

Guidance should not be needed

Generally all study materials ( except workbooks) are available on line, at no cost. In addition the dean of students and the sponsoring bishop will guide and mentor the student through their studies.
Because the course materials are delivered effectively to the student by way of the internet. The cost savings are passed on to the sudent in the firm of free education.

About your studied

2)Are the studies really free. Yes. All studies are open source, on line, no password required. Students seeking ordination through the IOCC will need a reasonably priced work book for grading. Other than that, there are no costs, fees ,or donation requests. A serious student is requested to register to allow for two way communication, mentoring and additional studies.

3) Are the free on line studies accreddited, by a modern accrediarion organization?. No, Christian education in the first century was delivered from believer to believer. There was no accreditation organization untill the 1500’s. Certification is not possible due to the unstructured nature of our educational delivery system.

The real standard of educational quality comes alone from God. Does the material, conform to God’s will and the truths of the first century faith. Accordingly, the studies are true to first century vlbeluefs, free of later interpratations and corruptions.

Content driven quality

The pre ordination studies program is a content driven educational experience that lifts the student to higher levels of understanding and wisdom than traditipnal ( post 1500’s) methods can deliver. Remember one thing, those who do not understand scripture are lost. Divinely inspired knowledge and wisdom is priceless.

4) Will the River of Grace and Life church perform the ordination? No, we are presently an education and training venue. The actual ordination will be through the sponsoring bishop. Our staff will support you in seeking ordination and may even participate in the ordination if possible. Running a free training facility does take attention and effort in order to maintain quality and high academic standards.

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